9 Great Window Décor Ideas

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. On a home, windows are just are as important. When someone looks at a home from the curb, the house’s windows stand out and frame the rest. It’s important to always have window styles and decorations that mesh well with the rest of the home.

Depending on the season, the room where the window is located and your overall goal, you could do a variety of projects for your windows. Read on to find out 9 great window decor ideas that will suit everyone.

window décor ideas

1. Window Décor Ideas For Your Kitchen

we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. As a central part of the home, you want your kitchen to be a welcoming place that is visually appealing. One way to do this is to allow a lot of light to come in. For that reason, you want to avoid a window treatment that will block the light from entering. A see-through fabric or even one that is semi-see-through would work great to block just a bit of light. Once you place it on a roller, you can glue the cloth in place.

2. Inexpensive Window Treatment Options

Feel free to get creative when it comes to coming up with ideas for your window treatments. For example, if you’re the type to like DIY projects, you may find unusual items to use as a window treatment. One popular blogger enjoys finding items that are under $20 to use as a window decoration.

An example is a burlap coffee bag that you can cut and make into a valence. Another idea is to find a tablecloth or placemat that is of nice material. You can cut it into neatly trimmed squares that can also be used as valences.

3. Bathroom Window Curtains

It can be hard to decorate the bathroom window in a way that is not overly expensive. One option is to find an inexpensive cloth that you can use chain link to hang on nails. To find cloths, you may want to check out a thrift store or consignment shop.

Choose one that is in good condition and has patterns that will hide any stains or blemishes. Plus, they are easier to clean and more visually appealing if dust is not extra visible due to the pattern.

4. Write your own curtains

For those who like an artistic feel, you may want to choose a more unusual and artsy feel for your window decorations. A great way to decorate is to find a solid color drop cloth and cut it according to the window’s size. Then take a pencil and trace words along the drop cloth. You can then take a black or dark colored marker or paintbrush to write out those words or letters on the cloth.

The end result is a creative look that would be perfect for an office or a living room. Choose a song or a piece of writing that has meaning to you to make it extra special. It’s better to go with lines that have a good variety of words in order to avoid seeing the same words written over and over.

5. Top Window Decorations off with Garlands

You can always place a pretty garland on the top of window curtains by ripping out pages from a book. Go for an older book to have a classier feel. You can also put a flame near the edges of the pages so that you can create more of a classic feel.

6. Add a Special Film to Windows

You don’t have to only put a special treatment on your windows to make them look great. You can also use a film. There are a ton of different types of decorative film that work on windows. For example, if you like the look of stained glass, you can find a film that mimics stained glass and can be applied directly on the clear glass of the window.

This option gives off a regal look without costing an arm and a leg. You can also cut many types of window film in case you want to line a window with a certain color, creating a type of rectangle look. Another benefit of decorative window film is that it helps to block out UV rays.

7. Add Some Flowers to Your Windows

If you want to go for a bit of a country rustic feel, you can choose to add a window basket to the outside of your windows. It usually looks better when you have a symmetrical look; in other words, if you have a flower basket on one side, make sure to have one on the other side’s window, too. You can choose artificial flowers or real flowers for an extra nice feel.

8. Put up Window Awnings on the Outside

Awnings used to be very popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s, particularly in certain areas. For example, in some urban areas, row homes tend to have window awnings. One great thing about awnings is that they block out the fun from entering, so they are majorly energy efficient. If you want an easy way to lower your energy bills, awnings may be the answer. Plus, they give your home a unique look since they are less common.

9. Dress Your Home for the Holidays

It goes without saying that homeowners usually love to decorate their homes. Start a collection of decorations for the major holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, Fourth of July, and even Valentine’s Day. You can buy inexpensive items on sale once the season ends. To be a bit more classy, you can go for wooden items that look nicer than cheaper plastic pieces.

window décor ideas for Christmas

Boost Your Curb Appeal

To boost your curb appeal, try out any of these window decorating ideas. Some are easier than others; if you are looking for an inexpensive option, you can try out a DIY window decoration. If you want to maximize the look of the outside of your house, an awning or holiday decorations may be more your style. No matter what window décor you add, you will surely make your home more visually appealing and inviting.

Replace Old with New Vinyl Windows

Finding the right window décor ideas for your home can be enjoyable for the entire family. However, your old wooden frame windows are warping and rotting. Your old windows are less desirable to the naked eye and they’ll still be ugly no matter what kind of décor you put on your windows.

Now’s the time to replace them with high-quality vinyl windows that will tremendously increase your home value and curb appeal. At Feldco, you’ll get windows that will not warp and rot. In addition, vinyl windows will get you ultimate energy efficiency and insulation which will decrease your heating and cooling bill for the foreseeable future. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote today.

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