10 Patio Ideas for Chicago Homes

Chicago winters are ridiculously cold and the summers are outrageously hot and humid. For those perfect days in-between when you can actually sit outside and enjoy your patio, we’ve put together a list of patio ideas that almost make up for our extreme weather patterns.

1. An Awesome Outdoor Patio Grill

Do you prefer charcoal or gas? Every Chicago area patio should have a nice grill for steaks, burgers, corn on the cob and other delicious summertime food. Remember to get a grill cover for the winter months or your shiny new grill is going to become a weathered old tin can after the winter.

Alternatively, you may be interested in a smoker as well. There are lots of grill/smoker combos out there on the market right now that do a good job or you can buy a dedicated propane or electric smoker. Keep in mind that smoking meats in the backyard is going to create a bit of smoke as well as a deliciously sweet smell that not all your neighbors will enjoy.

2. Durable Patio Furniture

nice wicker patio furniture set

One thing about having patio furniture in Chicago is that it gets weathered very quickly. Since that’s the case, it’s usually a good idea to spend a little bit more on patio furniture that will last for years rather than the cheaper 2-3 years then throwaway stuff.

Wicker isn’t a bad choice but can be pricey. Then again, it has a good chance of surviving several winters and hot summers if cared for properly.

One thing is a must: an outdoor storage box for your patio furniture cushions. This will keep your cushions out of the rain, sleet and snow and keep them looking good for quite a while.

3. An Outdoor Kitchen

It seems that outdoor kitchen spaces have grown in popularity over the last 5 years or so, mostly in part to the fact that people love cooking and eating outdoors. Many outdoor landscaping and construction companies are offering to build outdoor kitchens – at a price.

Typically, these outdoor kitchens are made with all stainless steel cabinetry and have stone or concrete countertops. Many can be gas-powered through either a natural gas line coming from your house or a refillable propane tank.

4. Patio Fire Pits

If your patio is paved and you had a paved fire pit created, then you’re set. If you haven’t, then you need a sweet wood-burning chiminea or fire pit for the patio. Who doesn’t love sitting around a fire?

There are quite a few options available for patio fire pits. You can go with a copper or steel fire pit or maybe a natural gas-powered fire pit is better for you. If you don’t like ash left behind or the smell of a wood-burning fire, get a natural gas fire pit instead. They’re almost odorless and burn very cleanly.

5. A Patio Bar

How awesome would it be to have a nice bar area right on your patio for entertaining? You can make it happen quite inexpensively. Most patio bar furniture is selling for less than $1,000 complete with chairs and a nice bar top and table. Just stock it with some liquor, a bucket of ice (or plug in an ice maker) and you’re ready to entertain.

patio bar

6. Patio Cabana

If you’re feeling tropical or if you have a pool nearby, a cabana or canopy area is always a great idea. It’s a nice place to provide shade and cool down on those hot Chicago summer days. Add a small table and a few comfy chairs and you’re set.

7. Pizza Oven

Are you nuts about pizza? Do you like to make it yourself? Would you like to make pizza yourself on your patio? Then a custom paved brick pizza oven is for you. It might be a little pricey though, most custom made brick pizza ovens can cost up to $10,000. If you love traditional wood-fired pizza, what’s a little more dough?

For the rest of us on a budget, there are a handful of companies that make outstanding outdoor pizza ovens for under $500 including this one.

8. A Planter Box or Patio Garden

Who doesn’t love some nice plants on the patio? Make a colorful assortment of plants and flowers or create your own herb garden.

It’s simple to build a patio planter box yourself or you can just go out and buy one for under $300. Either way, it will complement your patio and add some color to the space.

9. Koi Pond

koi pond in a patio

Want a truly serene paradise on your patio area (or backyard)? You can create a very nice koi pond yourself or have one created for you. Thinking that the koi fish won’t survive our brutal winters? You’re wrong! With some proper care, your patio fish pond will come alive each spring with colorful fish.

10. A New Patio Door

This might be one of the most boring suggestions on this list but it can also be the most impactful to your home and visitors. Your old patio door could be costing you money in heating and cooling bills while dragging down the appearance of your entire patio area.

There are several styles of patio doors available including sliding patio doors and the always elegant French patio doors. You can choose from several colors and finishes to make your new patio door your own and to complement the rest of your patio.

sliding patio door

Inspired Yet? Get Going on Your Next Patio Project!

From grills to gills, we’ve given you some patio ideas for your Chicago home that will make a huge impact. Most of these patio ideas don’t necessarily cost a fortune and they will definitely improve your patio. If you need a new patio door in Chicago, make sure to give Feldco a call or get a free quote right now.

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