How a Window Works – Learn How Different Types of Windows Operate

If you’re like most people, you see a window as a window. In terms of different kinds of windows, like ones that slide open or crank open, you might not really know the proper names of those types of windows (sliding and casement). Each style of window works differently and has unique features that may make more sense for your home vs. another style of window.

This article will go over what makes a window work and what exactly differentiates one window from another. We’ll also go over each different type of window and how it works. You might just be surprised at the variety of different windows that are available to you.

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How All Windows Should Work for Your Home

We’ll explain how each of the most popular window styles operate, but first, here’s how every window should work in your home.

1. Safety and Window Locks

Window safety is extremely important, especially if you have pets or small children. One common safety feature on all reputable windows is the presence of safety locks to prevent the window from opening past a certain point.

In terms of a break-in scenario, a good window shouldn’t exactly be a breeze to open for a burglar either.

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2. Energy Efficiency – Saving You Money on Your Energy Bills

Since windows are basically plugging the holes that were cut out in your house when it was built, you need those holes to be plugged snugly! Air leaking into your home are a sign of either a poor window or a poor installation.

A high-quality energy-efficient window should be at least double-paned and insulated. Don’t forget about competent window installers either to make sure that your window is properly sealed.

3. Beauty and Home Value

The main reason why many people replace their windows is because their old ones look bad. It’s true that if you plan on selling your home in the future, it can be much harder if the potential buyers see old windows that have seen better days.

How a Double Hung Window Works

double hung windowDouble hung windows have two sashes that move up and down and can be opened and closed. This differs from single hung windows where only one of the sashes are able to open and close.

One of the best features of a double hung window is that it’s very easy to clean. Since both sashes (or framed panels of glass) are able to be opened and tilted inward, you can clean this window from the inside of your home at arm’s reach.

How a Casement Window Works

casement windowCasement windows work by cranking a handle clockwise and counter-clockwise to open and close one large window sash. There’s a cranking arm at the bottom of the window that works with the hand crank to move the window open and closed.

Casement windows are perfect for Chicago homeowners that want the most glass real estate as possible on their window. Modern casement window designs are very energy efficient and work very smoothly with an easy-to-operate casement window hand crank.

How a Sliding Window Works

sliding windowSliding windows (sometimes called “sliders”) consist of two sashes that can move and open from right to left. Most newer sliding windows have very good tracks that the sashes slide on, so you won’t have to worry about your window sticking while trying to slide it open or closed.

If you’re considering window replacement for your home, we recommend using sliding windows for hard to reach areas like above kitchen sinks.

How Bay and Bow Windows Work

bow windowBoth bay windows and bow windows extend past the exterior of your home. These types of windows are made up of a series of windows, usually with a picture window in the center that is most commonly flanked by casement windows or double hung windows on either side.

A new bay or bow window can make a tremendous impact on the curb appeal of your home since they are most commonly found on the front of homes.

Picture Windows: The Windows That Don’t Work

picture windowA picture window is any window that doesn’t operate, that is, it isn’t capable of opening or closing in any way. Likewise, shaped or architectural windows usually don’t operate in any way.

Picture windows are great for places that can’t easily be reached, like higher up on walls. They’re also ideal for bay and bow windows as well as in combination with other types of windows.

How an Awning Window Works

awning windowAwning windows are hinged at the top and can be pushed outward away from your home when opened. This creates an “awning” effect when the window is fully opened. There’s usually a handle at the bottom of the window that can be cranked slightly and then pushed to open and close the window.

Awning windows are great by themselves or when used in series with another type of window, usually above or below.

How a Basement Window Works

hopper windowBasement windows  (sometimes called “hopper windows”) are sort of like reverse awning windows. They feature a handle at the top which can be turned and used to open the window inwards.

A good basement window will allow more natural light into your basement and be very easy to use when some fresh air is needed.

How a Garden Window Works

garden windowGarden windows extend past the exterior of your home and can be used to grow plants indoors since they have a natural greenhouse effect. A single garden window can be made up of several windows including a picture window as well as casement or awning windows.

If you love cooking, then a garden window may be the perfect replacement for your existing kitchen window. You can easily grow fresh herbs in one of these windows.

Which Window Works Best for You?

One of the best reasons to replace your windows is to possibly replace your existing window with a completely different type of window. You may find yourself interested in a casement vs. a double hung or vice versa. It’s definitely possible with a replacement window from Feldco.

Hopefully you’ve learned how each of these windows work and decided for yourself which windows you’d like to have in your home.

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