7 Things You Need to Create the Ultimate Home Library

Every avid reader dreams of creating the perfect space to house their beloved manuscripts. It’s a bookworm’s dream to be able to create a home library that rivals their local bookstore. Filled with favorites from across the generations, your home library contains the ticket you need to escape directly into another world.

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With so many items to organize and store in your forthcoming home library, it can be overwhelming to just get started. You’ll want to make sure you have these seven things to create the ultimate home library of your dreams.


It probably goes without saying, but you’re going to need some type of shelving to house all of your books. This isn’t the area where you want to skimp on the cost because it’s going to be the main focal point in the room.

You can make the best use of the space you have using floor-to-ceiling shelves. You may also want to repurpose old furniture like dining room hutches, entertainment cabinets, empty cubes and more.

Keep in mind that your shelves will be important for more than just your books. They can store all of the other odds and ends that clutter up a cozy room. After all, where will you store your DVDs, extra blankets, blank journals and candle collection? If seeing the clutter drives you crazy, look for shelves with doors to help keep some of it neatly tucked away.

The ideal shelving units are custom built-ins installed to utilize every square inch of space effectively. You could paint them a brighter color for an eclectic style or something neutral to allow your books to shine.

A high-gloss paint makes them easy to clean and allows them to stand out beautifully. No matter how you style them, your shelves are going to be an absolute necessity to prevent your books from becoming a jumbled mess.


home library windows

A dark and dusty library isn’t typically what comes to mind when you envision the ultimate home library. You don’t want to have to strain your eyes to read the small print in your favorite novel. You can skip the yellowed and inefficient artificial light put off by table lamps.

Instead, the right windows will allow natural light to flood in and fill your home library with the perfect ambiance.

You can enjoy the scenic view of a stormy morning, sunny spring afternoon or a gentle winter snowfall from the comfort of your home library. Consider installing a large picture window or a casement window for the best view.

This gives you a connection to the outside world that’s lacking when you don’t want to leave your home library.

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Comfortable Seating

It’s not enough to simply have a space to store all of your books in a home library. You’re also going to need a space where you can sit and enjoy them.

Purchase something that’s perfect to curl up in with a blanket or stretch out on for a short nap between chapters. The choice is really up to you.

If your home library is short on space, you could purchase an over-sized armchair with a storage ottoman. This gives you a sneaky place to hide odds and ends while still retaining the comfortable feel of a cozy reading nook.

If you have space, look for a chaise lounge or a mid-sized sectional couch to accommodate more than one person at a time.

Coffee Table

How many times have you sat sipping a mug of steaming tea while enjoying your favorite novel? If you’re like most people, you eventually want to stop for a snack or sip a beverage while you spend hours in the library.

You’re going to need a coffee table so you can set your food down without worrying about spilling it all over the floor or on your precious books.

Look for a coffee table that fits in with the theme of your library. An old-fashioned reading library needs an ornate mahogany coffee table while a modern space needs a simple metal coffee table. Your final selection should help to highlight the design theme of your home library.

Art Prints and Decorations

Although the books are the highlight of your ultimate home library, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t decorate. Books are one of the highest forms of fine art, but you should also consider adding some actual art prints to adorn the walls.

You could choose pieces that add bold splashes of color or texture. Whatever speaks to you is the perfect addition to your home library.

You may want to consider finding work that includes typography or quotes from your favorite author. Many artists use fancy calligraphy and simple black and white images to highlight a particular point. These are relatively easy to find, and they blend in with all styles of home décor because of their simplicity.


You can add a bright pop of natural color akin to that you would receive with a large window by adding a small fern. Plants produce the oxygen we need to breathe, so it adds a healthy dose of clean air into your library.

Don’t underestimate the importance of including living things in your library. This can make your space feel alive and less stale.

Worried that you don’t have a green thumb? You can forego watering for days at a time with some plants. Consider a small succulent garden or a spider plant. These don’t require much daily attention and are relatively easy to keep alive for people who aren’t as garden-savvy.


white french doors

You want to make a grand entrance when it comes to your home library. It’s also a showcase piece that you should be proud of when you have guests and family members over.

What could be better than a set of French doors with glass panes? This allows your library to feel more a part of the rest of your home while still allowing for some privacy and soundproofing.

If you’re not a fan of French doors, you should still consider swapping the entryway door to your library from your standard interior door. Look for an ornate option that gleams and highlights other accent pieces in the room.

Perhaps you want something sleek and simple instead. No matter what you choose, you can highlight that this room is special from the inside and the outside by choosing the right entryway door.

Now You’re Ready to Create Your Dream Home Library

Creating the ultimate home library is a book lover’s dream come true. When you’ve fantasized about having a space to store all of your reading material for so long, it can be challenging to know where to start.

These seven expert design tips should give you a great starting point to make your space more comfortable, functional, and beautiful.

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