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standard garage doorIn many instances, the garage door is the door most used in the house.  It therefore makes sense to make sure you replace it with one that will last for years and years. From the durable construction of our garage doors to the variety of colors and decorative options available, you can choose the door that will offer both great functionality and beauty.  Replacing your garage door can greatly improve your home’s curb appeal.

A garage door is only as good as its installation, and we are pros when it comes to proper garage door installation.  From removing the old door and replacing all operable elements and working with a wide variety of garage door openers, you can be rest assured your door and installation will be top notch.

Our Garage Doors are the Best in Chicago

A Chicago garage door can take a lot of abuse in the winter especially, so choosing a company that specializes in garage door replacement for the area is very important.  From varying levels of insulation to wind-resistant design elements, Feldco is truly the best choice for your garage door.  Not only will you get a garage door that will protect your home and complement your home’s look, you will also benefit from the professional installation we provide with all of our garage doors.

Garage Door Types and Styles

It’s not all about function – but aesthetics as well.  No matter if you choose a standard steel garage door or the unique styles of a carriage style garage door, you will be delighted in your home’s transformation and make you wonder why you didn’t replace your garage door years ago!

Steel Garage Doors

standard style garage doorMade with heavy gauge steel designed for superior strength and energy efficiency, you can choose from a variety of panel design and glass inserts to customize the garage door that will be perfect for your home!

Learn more about steel garage doors

Carriage Garage Doors

carriage style garage doorCarriage style garage doors offer traditional stylings of wood but with the added durability of heavy gauge steel.  With more panel styles available and coordinating hardware, you can truly create a masterpiece for your home’s exterior.

Learn more about carriage garage doors

Chicago’s Most Energy Efficient Garage Doors

Many people may not think replacing your garage door will improve your home’s energy efficiency but that is definitely not the case.  If your garage is attached to your home, keeping your garage as insulated as possible will only keep your home more comfortable as well, and make it that your furnace doesn’t work as hard.  Even if your garage isn’t attached to your home, having a properly insulated garage door will protect the contents of your garage from the extreme heat and cold we experience here in Chicago.

Feldco Makes Replacing Your Garage Door Easy

If you are looking to replace your garage door because it is no longer functioning, or if you are just updating the look of your home, a Feldco Product Specialist will assist you in choosing the best door for you and your home.  From there, leave it in the hands of our professional technicians and installers and you will find replacing your garage door has never been easier!

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