Why You Want a Garage Door with Windows

Garage doors are an overlooked part of a home, but when it comes time to purchase a new one, there are actually many different aspects to consider.  Garage doors contribute greatly to a home’s curb appeal, and this is something many homeowners don’t consider this until their current door is worn, stained from constant use, or broken.

When selecting a new garage door, the option of having one with windows will be a prominent decision you’ll have to make.  Keeping in mind that a garage door is essentially the “face” of your garage and a piece to compliment the rest of your home, it’s crucial to weigh all of the aesthetic options of your new door’s design.

garage door with windows

Let in the Light

Garages are almost always dingy and gloomy, but they don’t have to be.  When garages became more than a shelter to cars and extra storage and moved to operating as a workshop or project center, their design shifted to being more accommodating and welcoming.  Garages that feel like another room to the house have plenty of natural light, in which the windows on the garage door contribute to.

In some cases, having windows on the garage itself isn’t an option, or for many garages, just isn’t enough natural light.  A simple fix is including garage door windows to lighten up this space, allowing the natural light to flood the garage, going from dimly lit to sunny and bright.

A Better Blend

Have you always wanted your garage to not look like a garage but rather a seamless addition to your home?  Windows on your garage door, while seemingly a minute detail, greatly adds to blending your garage in with your main house.  Beveling on your garage door panels combined with beautifully designed windows can make your garage look like another room inside of your home.

Due to the endless customization options of garage doors, you can plan for your windowed door to have a cohesive, matching design to the rest of your house.  No longer will your garage stick out like a sore thumb next to your house or suffer from mismatch designs on the garage door itself.

Windows also contribute to your curb appeal and resell value of your home, making your home a neighborhood commodity that potential buyers just can’t resist.

Curb Appeal at Its Best

The door is the face of your garage and it’s something people immediately notice when passing by your home if you have a street-facing garage.  Adding windows can boost your curb appeal immensely, and with windows installed in your garage door, people associate this with the garage being a workable space with plenty of natural light, instead of the usual dark and musky garage.

The overall appeal of your home will help increase its value, a key factor if you ever go to sell your home.  You want your home to look its best, and even for passersby who can spread the word around town to potential buyers.

Resell Value

Potential homeowners are in search of a few essential aspects of a home, and while each possible buyer may have varying points that they want their future home to include, most of them are after the same thing.  A garage is definitely on the top of the list, but not just any garage.

Buyers are looking for a garage to be an extra room to the house for workshop purposes, clean and dry storage areas, and maybe even a garage that can be used as another living space.  Windows on your garage door are a small piece of this puzzle to help sell the garage you currently have.

A garage adds to the resell value of your home, and by adding a new garage door with windows that let in the natural light and make the garage feel more homey, you can contribute to the high number of resell.

Does Not Minimize Security

You may be concerned that the addition of windows to a garage door could reduce the security of your home, thinking of how intruders could break a window and find their way inside.  Manufacturers are one step ahead on this problem and have created the glass for the garage doors to be difficult to break due to its thickness.

A garage door with windows is no different than one without.  The windows can also be placed at the top of the door and made to be a smaller size, just big enough to allow sunlight to filter in but too small for any one person to break through.

Now, you can have the best of both—the aesthetics and natural light of garage door windows without sacrificing the security of your home.

A Tailored Design

Looking for a custom design to give your garage door some flare?  Look no further than the window addition to a garage door.  Windows installed in a garage door can be customized to any shape or size you see fit.  From oval shaped to squares, half circles, window shapes to match the rest of your home, or whatever you so choose, and the best part is that it isn’t an expensive option to manufacture.

In fact, many doors can be tailored to your own design, or there is a high chance that there’s a prefabricated garage door with the windows you want.  Ultimately, there is not a huge price difference between a garage door with windows and a door without.

garage door with windows will increase your home resell value

Privacy Isn’t Sacrificed

A deterring reason why homeowners skip getting a garage door with windows is because of privacy.  Homeowners may feel as if anyone and everyone can glance into their garage because of the windows and see what they are doing at all times.

However, many garage doors have the windows located on the top portion of the door, so unless someone passing your home is very tall, this really isn’t a problem!  Reconsider this fact when weighing your options on which garage door is right for you—don’t let this particular issue change your mind as you can customize your door for your privacy needs while enjoying the aesthetics of a door with windows.

Go the Windowed Route

If you’re in need of a garage door, there will be many different brands of automatic door opening systems, colors, styles, and materials to choose from, but know that one thing is for sure: there are too many benefits of a windowed garage door to not consider this option.

A garage door with windows may cost a little more than a door without windows, but think about how much letting in the natural light of the outdoors will completely transform your garage from musky and dark to bright and livable.

For better curb appeal, upping your resell value, and to let in that natural light, adding windows on your garage doors can do this and more.  You don’t have to sacrifice privacy with windows installed on the top half of the door itself, and with the many of the windows manufactured these days having a thick, polypropylene design, security isn’t a problem and energy efficiency is maintained with airtight seals.

Garage Doors with Windows Made by Feldco

Are you tired of your old garage door? Garage doors undergo wear and tear, they get damaged and you’re left with a sagging door that will cost you lots of money in energy costs. At Feldco, we offer nothing but the best quality garage-style doors that come with energy efficient windows. Now is the time to increase your home’s curb appeal by replacing your garage door with durable doors that will offer both great functionality and beauty. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote today.

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