How to Find the Best Vinyl Siding Contractors

Have you had enough looking at old siding that’s falling apart or its color has faded over the years on your home or business you own? Are you looking to install new vinyl siding? Are you based in and around the city of Chicago? What are the things you should consider when picking the best vinyl siding contractors?

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If you’re connected to these questions in any way, then this article will help you navigate the in-and-outs on what questions to ask and where to find the best vinyl siding contractors in the city of Chicago.

Questions to Ask

It’s imperative to that you ask the right questions when looking for the right vinyl siding contractor. Don’t always take the word of others around you. Investigate and find the right fit for you.

Business Address and Insurance

First, get the address and full name of the vinyl siding company you’re interested in using. Many times, fake companies use a P.O. Box Number, so it’s more difficult to track fraud if they steal money from customers. Due diligence is important here.

If the company only uses a P.O. Box Number, ask for a street address because it’s better to get a contractor that has a nearby facility to where your home or business is.

Also, find out if the company has insurance when working. A business and their workers should have a type of insurance called workers’ compensation and/or comprehensive general liability. Let’s spend a little time discussing these two types of insurances.

Workers’ Compensation protects a homeowner when a worker has an injury on your property.

  • If the business doesn’t have this kind of insurance, you’re responsible for all their medical bills.
  • Specifically, get a proof of workers’ compensation from the vinyl siding business you are interested in using.

For insurance that’s comprehensive general liability, you’re protected if damages occur on your property. Without this coverage, you’ll have to pay the damages with your own money if something goes wrong during installation.

Accredited and Licensed Contractors

Look to see if the company is accredited and licensed. Cities across the country, including Chicago, must have a professional license for a business to stay open.

Furthermore, having these requirements encourages businesses to go to seminars and training sessions to enhance companies around the nation.

Longevity and References

Find out how long a business has been working in the Chicago area. Any less than 3 years may mean that the business in not up to snuff. Also, see if the business will let you see references and referrals from other jobs they have performed around the area.

Make sure they’re within the last year and that they provide a list of 10-12, so you can go through and pick the ones you want to contact.

Warranty on Workmanship

A lot of times, businesses offer different warranties on the work they’ve completed. There are two warranties that most businesses use: workmanship and manufacturer. Workmanship warranties can last for at least a year and even longer.

But, longer warranties don’t mean that they’re always better. It really has more to do if a business will live up to their end of the bargain if a problem arises with the workmanship. A manufacturer’s warranty protects a homeowner against issues with the vinyl materials.

newly constructed vinyl siding

More often than not, issues arise soon after the job has been completed, so having a warranty that covers the first few weeks and months after installation may be more important to a homeowner than a long-term one. Have a copy of the warranty handy in case any problems come to fruition.

Lastly, you may want to check with a vinyl siding company to see how they have handled issues in the past when it comes to complaints. Do they care about their customers in the long-run? Are they flexible to working out issues to please their clientele?


Picking the Right Contract

When deciding on the best contract for your job, be focused on the things that are crucial for you to pay attention to. First off, don’t go with the lowest price on the market. Lower doesn’t always mean better. It can sometimes mean cheap, too.

Read every detail of the paperwork. Some businesses will pull the wool over their customers’ eyes. Also, be attentive to compliance with local and state laws that a company should follow. Don’t hire a company that tries to cut corners.

Finally, find out how scheduling will work to get the job done in a timely manner, and figure out how the terms of payment will look.

Scheduling is important for the homeowner and the business to be on the same page, while understanding payment methods before, during and after should be discussed and signed with an official agreement.

Finding Vinyl Siding Contractors in Chicago

As you start your research to find Chicago vinyl siding contractors, consider using the internet to help you in this process. A simple Google search will immediately bring up some of the best contractors in the Chicago area. It’ll list their name, address, phone number, business hours, reviews, directions and a link to each website.

By scrolling down, you can find other information through Home Advisor goes into the same information, but also has a pricing tab for you to see what each business charges for their services.

Also, this website has verified reviews from real people who had a real job take place on their property. You can breathe easy when reading these reviews that you are getting truthful information instead of made-up information to garner more business by cheating the system.

Sealing the Deal

If you’ve spent this much time investigating the right vinyl siding contractor in Chicago, you can rest assured that you’ve done everything possible to make this project go smoothly. Many people don’t take nearly enough time when making such a big decision.

Being prepared and proactive could save you a lot of money and time down the road if things do not work out the way you thought they would.

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