All the Wonderful Benefits of Natural Light

Natural light. It is a photographer’s best friend. It is scientifically proven to increase productivity in the workplace. It is pleasing in a home, and is a major selling point for those on the market.

Whether you want to improve the quality of natural light in your home because you’re looking to sell, or simply want more of it while you remain living there – opting to add windows or make other simple adjustments for natural light is one of the best decisions you can make.

What are the wonderful benefits to natural light in your home? There are many, let’s go over the basics first.

benefits of natural light

Natural Light vs. Artificial Light

Did you know that scientific research has actually proved that people subconsciously seek out places with natural light? It’s a very revealing study on how and why people turn to settings they view comfortable.

Natural light in a home has many benefits over simply relying on artificial sources. It is not only more pleasing to the eye and body, but relying on natural light also comes with several cost saving and energy-efficiency benefits as well.

Light that is provided naturally can impact your personal health, the environment and energy usage. Therefore, homes that lack enough windows and high quality patio doors, often look to improve the setting by building new windows, or adding places like sunrooms, screen rooms or solariums.

Natural light not only increases a home’s value, but also helps with energy bills. It’s sure to get the envy of friends and family when they come to visit.

Overview of Natural Light Benefits

There are several jaw dropping statistics and scientific studies related to the numerous benefits of natural light. Here are some of our personal favorites:

  • Natural light produces happiness. It has been found in several studies that individuals exposed to more lighting feel happier, productive, healthier and calmer. It can even help with certain medical disorders such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).
  • Exposure to natural light, even short-term, helps with depression and anxiety. It’s also not just limited to adults as children are reported to be found happier and calmer.
  • Natural light produces vitamin D. It is an essential mineral for people and helps with the immune system, body weight, asthma and work efficiency (to name a few benefits). Light exposure is the primary source for delivering vitamin D.
  • Compared to other sources of lighting that are artificial, natural light reduces eye strain which makes it easier for people to see and read.
  • Natural light also improves productivity in the workforce. When utilized in a place of employment, the light can help reduce stress, result in fewer illnesses, increase productivity, reduce absences and assist with overall feelings of well-being.
  • Sunlight helps stimulate appetite and improves digestion. It also assists with body circulation and increases red blood cells.
  • It has natural healing powers. One study found that surgery patients recovered 8.5 percent faster when offered a room with a view of trees and scenery compared to a room with just a view of a brick wall or building.

Benefits of Natural Light in the Home

Most people know that it’s important to get outside and receive at least 15 minutes of direct sunlight each day, if possible. However, many people neglect to realize that natural light is equally, if not more important when it’s related to your home residence.

There are so many benefits to natural light in a home. Approximately half of the energy used in a building is for space conditioning, or the temperature and lighting control in the home. Natural light helps with space conditioning by allowing the homeowner to use less heat in the winter, less air conditioning in the summer, and reduces overall energy costs by having less reliance on artificial lighting systems.

Believe it or not, but some homeowners report that their energy bill decreased by as much as 75 percent when they added other sources of natural light to their home.

In addition to the health and energy saving benefits, pure light is necessary for increasing the aesthetics of a home. If you look at most modern homes, architects are utilizing more ways to drive in natural light. Architects realize that natural light has certain effects on the mind. For example, it can make spaces appear larger than they actually are and help illuminate key aspects of the home’s interior.

Natural light in a home also helps:

  • Reduce the amount of mildew and mold that grows in the interior, thus keeping the space healthier for you and your family.
  • Natural light evokes the feeling of a clean and well preserved living environment.
  • Homes with daylight-sensing lighting controls can reduce the energy used for electrical lighting 20 to 60 percent.

How to Get More Natural Light In Your Home

It is no hidden secret that many people would prefer to live under the warmth of the sun compared to the buzz and glare of fluorescent bulbs. So why do so many homeowners sabotage their living environment with poor windows or shuttered blinds? Is it because they simply do not know how to get more natural light into their home?

There are several different techniques to produce more natural light in a home. If you’re seeking to renovate a home and take advantage of the numerous health, aesthetic and energy saving benefits of natural light then keep these considerations in mind.

natural light peering through window

Windows Increase Natural Light

It is simply not about adding more windows, but the placement of them is important in order to take advantage of sunlight.

Here are some ways to take advantage of sunlight with your windows:

  • Morning sunlight: The windows should get placed on the east-side of the home where you want morning light drawn into the house. Some prefer bedrooms while others like the light to shine in through a living area space.
  • Mid-Afternoon light: The windows should face south in proximity to where the sun will sit in the sky by this time of the day. A personal home office may be an appropriate setting for midday light.
  • Evening light: The windows should face to the west to not only take advantage of diminishing light but also beautiful sunsets. Rooms that should have west facing windows (if possible) are dining rooms and living rooms

Other tips for windows include painting the frame a light color as they reflect light inside the best. The same is true of using light fabrics for the window dressings and shutters.

Even without installing replacement windows or adding ones, you can help maximize sunlight exposure by regularly cleaning your existing windows. Dirt that accumulates on the glass serves as a barrier to reflecting as much natural light as possible through the surface.


It has been noted that adding a skylight to a home or business is the easiest solution for greatly enhancing the amount of natural light in the interior of a building. Furthermore, they are much more private compared to regular windows, and some homeowners really like that aspect.

They are also ideal for homes that already have limited wall space, and where skylights are by far the most appropriate home renovation for natural light.


The door frames in the interior of a home should remain open as much as possible. It enables natural light to travel from one room to another and helps support an “open” living environment.

Furthermore, you can make a simple change to your home by installing sliding doors, glass-paneled doors, or frosted doors on the exterior wherever feasible.

Other Tips to Increase Natural Light

There are many other practical and easy to follow tips that may not even require you to spend another cent to improve household lighting.

  • Did you know that a mirror situated directly opposite a window can double the amount of natural light that enters a room?
  • Walls and ceilings painted in light colors reflect much better for light. Dark colors actually absorb and eat up your precious sunlight, though they provide cooler interior temperatures.
  • Place larger pieces of furniture away from windows where they have a tendency to block light.
  • Compliment dark colored floors with lightly colored rugs to accent the light that is shining in.
  • Stay up on your landscape by pruning back trees and bushes that inhibit sunlight from reaching the interior of your home.

Replace Your Windows to Get the Benefits

From casement windows to double hung windows, the #1 company for window replacement is Feldco. Natural light is beneficial to your health and well-being so why not take advantage by replacing your windows.

We helped over 350,000 homeowners with windows and you’ll be happy to go with a reputable company that can turn your home into a sunlight palace. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote today.

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