8 Benefits of Insulated Vinyl Siding

Finding siding that stands up to the extreme weather conditions of Chicago can be a challenge.  When renovating your house, it’s important to ensure the exterior is secure, durable and of course easy on the eyes.  Insulated vinyl siding is weather resistant, low maintenance and cost-effective.  Not to mention,  it also has a beautiful aesthetic appeal- making it perfect for Chicago homes.

What is insulated siding? It’s vinyl siding with an inner polystyrene foam layer between your home’s exterior wall and siding, providing maximum insulation.

If you’re contemplating your replacement siding options, be sure not to overlook the many benefits insulated vinyl siding provides.

insulated vinyl siding

1. Excellent Energy Efficiency For All Seasons

No matter if it’s winter or summer, your home is susceptible to losing energy power.  Insulated vinyl siding offers increased insulation compared to its’ non-insulated counterparts such as wood, steel, metal, brick, stucco and regular vinyl siding.  Insulated siding has the highest R-value, or thermal resistance, compared to any other siding option.

Think of your siding as the first line of defense against seasonal weather.  Without sufficient siding insulation, heat will escape the home in the winter and enter the home in the summer.  Insulated vinyl siding will increase energy efficiency– which means your AC and heating systems won’t have to work as hard. As a result, the cost of your energy bill decreases.

2. It is Insect and Vermin Resistant

An awesome benefit unique to insulated siding is that it doesn’t attract insects and other vermin.  The materials that insulated vinyl siding is made up of is not a food source for termites like wood siding can be.

Insects and pests love to burrow in the gaps of walls.  The sturdy polystyrene foam that fills the empty space between the siding and the wall prevents insects and vermin from nesting behind the siding.

3. Insulated Vinyl Siding Acts as a Sound Barrier

The added layer of foam provides an increased sound barrier, reducing the amount of noise from outside entering your home.

Insulated vinyl siding will help keep out unwanted noise from loud neighbors, barking dogs, lawnmowers and traffic.  It’ll bring more peace and quiet to your home.


4. It is Low Maintenance

When it comes to siding, vinyl is as low maintenance as it gets.  It’s made to withstand harsh elements and keep its appearance fresh longer, so you’ll get your money’s worth.  This hardy siding material won’t rot over time or attract bugs.

You won’t ever need to repaint insulated vinyl siding.  A quick rinse with a garden hose a once or twice a year is all that is needed to keep siding in tip-top shape.

Additionally, siding with insulation will keep its shape better over time due to its increased rigidity.

5. Insulated Vinyl Siding Has Increased Durability

Insulated vinyl siding is great because it’s extremely durable and it is impact resistant.  The foam that fills the hollow space between the siding and your home’s walls acts as a shock absorber against weather such as hail.  It can even withstand the impact of stray baseballs or hockey pucks.

Weather Durability of Vinyl Siding

Wood siding can crack, split and warp over time.  Insulated vinyl siding is far more durable, made to withstand high temperatures, strong winds, hail and snow.  Vinyl siding can take a beating from harsh Chicago weather while still maintaining its original appearance.  

6. There Are Many Styles of Insulated Vinyl Siding to Choose From

yellow vinyl sidingChoosing insulated siding does not mean you have to compromise style.  It comes in a large variety of colors and finishes, giving you freedom in creating your dream exterior.

Do you love the aesthetic of wood but prefer the qualities of vinyl?  Insulated vinyl siding closely resembles wood to create an authentic feel.

Some beautiful siding styles to choose from are dutch lap, board and batten, vertical, shake, scalloped, soffit and fascia.

Compared to other siding options, insulated vinyl siding requires no painting or staining, ever.

7. It Helps Reduce Wall Irregularities

With foam backing adhered to the vinyl siding, stiffness is greatly increased.  The rigid structure of insulated vinyl siding can help hide any imperfections that may be present in the structure, creating a smooth, solid finished wall.  

Additionally, the increased durability of insulated siding can help the siding maintain its straight and even shape over time.

8. It is an Environmentally Friendly Option

For those of you looking for a “green”, environmentally friendly siding option, insulated vinyl siding is the way to go!  Insulated siding preserves the home’s interior temperature, reducing the amount of energy consumed.

Insulated vinyl siding is very sustainable, as it will last as long as 30-50 years, never requires repainting, and can be recycled.

Choose Insulated Vinyl Siding

Low maintenance, cost-effective, and never needs painting- it’s no wonder this house cladding of choice is only growing in popularity.  Hopefully by now you see that the many wonderful benefits of insulated vinyl siding make it a more than worthy investment.

Don’t put off replacing your siding, take action and reap the benefits of insulated siding now!  Get your free quote with Feldco.

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