7 Window Styles That Will Inspire You

Though every single feature of a home is important, windows always seem to have extra value. New windows can completely rejuvenate the interior of your home and also come with several cost-saving features.

It should come as no surprise that there are a number of different window styles in the world. Several of them are architectural style windows and fit well with how the home was originally constructed. Meanwhile, some homeowners decide to totally change up the appearance with a brand new window style.

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Benefits of New Windows

Regardless of the purpose, one will find that when they revamp the windows in their home they also radically improve the entire setting of the place. New windows can help:

Improve natural light

Are you lacking in open light that comes in from the sun every day? Instead of relying on artificial light get an improved overall living environment. Natural light not only saves down on costs related to your energy bill but also is easier on the eyes than artificial lighting – no matter the quality of the lights.

Noise reduction

You may be surprised to discover just how quiet your interior is after installing new windows. Older windows lose their ability to seal out noise over time, and this is an inconvenience for homes in high traffic areas or big cities.

Energy efficiency

One of the biggest advantages of improving the quality and style of your windows is the money you’ll save on your energy bill. New windows can trap cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter.

Improved views

Whether you are expanding existing windows with bigger ones, adding windows in places they did not already exist, or simply improving the ones you already have installed you will see a significant improvement in the views. New glass, before it gets scratched or dented, is difficult to pass up.

Improve home value

Did you know that if you were to install new windows today and sell your home the next day you would nearly recoup what it cost to buy and install them? It is how much of an impact new windows have on increasing home value. Windows can also help increase property value and the “curb appeal” is obvious. Replacement windows may also lower home insurance costs if they are considered more secure.

Help keep value of home furnishings.

The quality of your painted walls, fabrics on furniture, even your flooring can suffer as the intense UV rays from the sunshine through old windows for years. Some new types of windows feature UV protection which in turn helps protect your furnishings and also improves their lifespan as well.

There are several different types and sizes of windows. Here are 7 types that will inspire you and increase the value of your home.

Slider Windows

These type of windows are very easy to open and close, as well as considered reasonably safe. Unlike a casement window that may get ripped by the wind or could be dangerous for a small child to fall out of, slider windows open horizontally.

Sometimes one window only slides open while other times both pieces of glass on the frame are movable. It depends on personal preference. Slider windows look great in more modern types of home and less attractive in older homes.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows have always been a popular choice with homeowners. The two separate sashes make it easy to slide the window up and down, vertically. The windows also open from the top or bottom yet do not protrude outside of the frame.

Double-Hung windows are more preferred than single-hung which only open from the bottom part and can make great additions on the first or second-story since they do not protrude away from the interior of the home. It is especially a nice feature in high wind tunnels where it may rip a portion of the window out or provide damage over the long-term.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are also extremely popular with homeowners. They provide a really great draft of fresh air as casement windows operate by a turn of a crank. The window can get hinged on the left or right.

As previously mentioned, the biggest concern with these type of windows is that the wind can take a hold of them and rip at the hinge. It’s usually not advised to keep them open while you are away from home, and some avoid putting them on the second story of a home where they could pose a safety hazard for little kids.

Awning Windows

For some, awning windows are considered the best of both worlds. They generally open at some part of a larger piece of glass that remains stationary. It is a great way to get a lot of light into the room as well as a little fresh air without cranking the entire piece of glass open like a casement window.

Awning windows are hinged at the bottom or top and open outward. They are built in a variety of ways whether they swing open from the bottom, left, or right. Opening from the top is the least common for practical reasons.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are highly desirable yet not as common as other types of replacement windows on the list. Part of the reason is they can be more costly to install at it also involves extending the frame of the house outward.

You can find them already built into older homes and are very unique. Bay windows are usually a combination of stationary windows and others that open either casement or double-hung style

Picture Windows

If you love a ton of natural light in your house than picture windows are your top choice. They usually look great in a living room or other place where you may lounge with the entire family, such as the dining area. They maximize the most of wall space, often extending from the bottom baseboard all the way up vertically to the ceiling.

They work really great when you want to highlight something outdoors whether it’s a view of the Rocky Mountains, a city’s skyscrapers, or ocean-front property with views of a beach.


Which Style is Right for You?

There are a number of factors you need to consider when finding the right style to replace an existing one. As mentioned with bay windows, though they are very scenic and beautiful, they also don’t work with the logistics of some homes and are costly to install.

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The most important thing to do is not overthink it. Yes, you are paying good money for replacement windows and you want to be pleased with your overall purchase, but often it’s simply updating the glass and frame that matters the most. Windows can truly inspire your home and give it a fresh new look.

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