Window Installation in Chicago – What Are Your Options?

There are lots of people each year that choose to have their windows replaced and installed by window companies like Feldco. What most people don’t know when buying windows is that no matter which replacement windows they buy, the window installation ultimately determines how effective your new windows will be. In this article about window installation in Chicago, we’ll go over what’s involved when installing windows, whether you should install windows yourself or not and why window installation is so important.

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Why Does Window Installation Matter?

Window installation is just as, if not more important, than the quality of the windows themselves. Windows do a lot for our homes including provide natural light into our living areas, keep out the elements (rain and snow) and they also secure our homes from unwanted entry.

A Good Window Installation Job Means a Better Insulated and Energy-Efficient Home

Especially with Energy Star windows, your windows help to keep out unwanted moisture, heat and harmful UV rays. Most high-quality windows are considered energy-efficient and usually have two or more panes of glass with a gas fill in-between the panes of glass.

That alone won’t help you if your new windows aren’t properly installed. Parts of a window installation in Chicago and elsewhere include preparation of a window opening, shimming if necessary and caulking. Before any of that happens, you need to make sure that your window is custom fit for the window opening and that requires a professional to take precise measurements.

If your new window isn’t precisely measured and made to fit your window opening, problems like air leakage could occur since the gap between the frame of the window and its window opening will need to be filled excessively.

Appearance and Window Trim Work

A sign of a quality window installation has always been in the details. These details include how your window looks from the outside. Things like a clean caulking job, neat exterior trim and fit go into how your new windows look from the outside.

The part you’ll most often see is from inside your home. Interior trim work is vitally important to how your window looks indoors. This includes clean cuts for the window trim and sanding of rough edges. Another item to look at is the level of the window. If the window isn’t square to the window opening, you could have a whole host of problems later including difficulty opening and closing the window.

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Before Your Windows Are Installed : Measuring the Window Opening

Before any removal or installation of replacement windows, you have to have the window openings of your home accurately measured. This is a very important step that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Every 1/8″ of window opening that isn’t filled by your window’s frame is basically going to be insulated by foam insulation and shims. Instead, you want that space to be filled by your window as much as possible, allowing your new window to do its job.

What Happens on the Day of Window Installation

Depending on how many windows you are replacing, your total window installation time could vary from a few hours to two days. There are several key things that the best window installation companies in Chicago do consistently:

Preparation for Your Chicago Window Installation

Any good home improvement project requires good planning and careful preparation and organization of the work area. For window installation in Chicago, you might have other unexpected variables to worry about such as weather conditions outside. Any capable window installers will be prepared for the worst from the start. Things like organization of tools like prybars for removing window trim, cordless drills, ladders and pneumatic nail guns should be a priority. Likewise, safety is a big concern.

Respect of Your Home During Window Installation

One often overlooked aspect of a good installation day is the respect that the window installers show to both you and your home. Here are a few notables:

  • Shoes off or wearing booties over shoes while inside of your home
  • Using tarps or other floor coverings while working on windows inside to not damage your floors
  • Keeping an eye out for landscaping while working on windows outside
  • Making sure that all debris including screws and nails are cleaned up
  • Leaving your property in the same or better condition as it was in on arrival

The above points are the mark of true window installation professionals that take pride in their work and your property.

DIY vs. Hiring a Window Installation Company in Chicago

There are lots of people that think installing their own windows is a good idea. Unfortunately, the thought is that if they turn it into a do-it-yourself project, they’ll save money vs. relying on a window installation company to do the work.

The fact is, it isn’t cheaper to buy and install the windows yourself in the long run. Below are some reasons why you should use a Chicago window installation company to do the work.

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Buying “Cookie-Cutter” Pre-sized Replacement Windows Isn’t a Good Idea

As mentioned previously, measurement of your window openings is very important from an energy-efficiency standpoint. When there are excessive gaps between your window openings and the windows themselves, you will fill the space with materials (foam, wood shims, etc.) that aren’t as well insulated as the window. This could result in air leakage inside your home, defeating the purpose of buying an energy-efficient window. If you haven’t already, consider getting a custom-sized window for your opening.

Professional Window Installer vs. Weekend Warrior

You may think that you are quite handy around the house. From fixing things to installing light fixtures, you’ve got a handle on how things work. However, we can both agree that you may not install windows every day of the week. That’s the difference.

The way that your windows are put in can make the difference between saving on your energy bills as you originally anticipated and losing out on hundreds each year in energy losses. On average, people who live in the Midwest, including Chicago, can recoup over 60% of their investment in replacement windows. You won’t be recouping anything if your new windows aren’t installed correctly!

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For Window Installation in Chicago, Choose Wisely

Hopefully, you’ve learned why window installation is so important. It’s very important to choose the right windows and get a reputable window company like Feldco to install them. Please contact us if you’d like to get a free quote on your new windows including installation.

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