What Are The Benefits Of Window Caulking?

Window caulking is a necessary step in prepping any home—new or old—for energy savings.  You may be surprised to learn that such a simple and easy chore can save you on your monthly energy bills.  The best part about window caulking is that at its core, it’s really just a once and done kind of job, only needing to be redone when the caulking is worn or dried.

window caulking

Energy Efficiency

Perhaps one of the most obvious reasons for caulking is energy efficiency.  Like water, air takes the path of least resistance, and so if there are gaps for the air to pass through, it is a guarantee that you will be seeing a draft on either side of it.

Homeowners with this issue attempt to regulate their home’s temperature by adjusting the heating or cooling, which subsequently ends up wasting more energy than necessary.  The simple fix of caulking the windows ensures that energy does not seep out, cutting down on draftiness and your energy bills.

Saves You Money

Energy efficiency goes hand in hand with saving you money.  By using less energy to heat or cool your home, you can pocket this extra cash to use on other house projects that take priority.  For homeowners who live in climates that see drastic temperature and weather changes season to season, the money saved by caulking windows is much greater.

A Sealant for Gaps and Crevices

Gaps around windows can seem like the end of the world, and for novice homeowners, they may be unaware of the magic fix that is window caulking.  Houses, both new and old, are prone to shifting weight over time, and this can leave spaces in the structure that are not as they once were.

Caulking fits itself into any unique space that requires filling, and by using the application gun and the type of caulking most appropriate with the material it’s encompassing, you can fill gaps in less than a minute that will last you years on end.

Mildew Fighter

Sealing your windows in areas that attract mildew due to excessive moisture with mildew fighting caulk is something every homeowner should consider doing.  Moisture encourages the growth of bacteria, and with the added humidity from the steam produced in a hot kitchen or bathroom can worsen and accelerate it.

In this day and age, there are types of caulking specifically designed to combat this very issue, creating a healthier environment for your rooms as well as prolonging the life of your paint, furniture, and windows themselves.

Keep Bugs Out

Insects love gaps, and if you happen to have a few in your windows, then they will find their way inside your home.  What better way to prevent an insect invasion than to use the cost-effective option of window caulking to stop them in their tracks?

Window caulking, depending on which brand and what style you ultimately decide on, ranges anywhere from $2-$10 and can be found at any hardware store.  This is a considerably cheaper, easier, and quicker solution than to hire an exterminator to solve your bug problems.

Maintains Structural Integrity

Moisture and water leak through windows, there’s no question about that, but what can you do to prevent this from ruining your home?  Window caulking provides this quick and effective benefit to protect and maintain your home’s foundation by keeping moisture out.  Foundational problems arise due to moisture being retained and collecting over time, but with a water-resistant caulking, you can help your home keep its structural integrity.

How to Caulk Your Windows

New to caulking but want to enjoy its many benefits?  Fortunately, caulking is an easy chore to do, even for homeowners that rarely find themselves picking up a caulking gun.  The most difficult step will be selecting which type of caulking compound you will need.

benefits of window caulking

There are many, so be sure to read the labeling carefully or ask an expert at your local hardware store:

Water-based foam sealants

Perfect for newly constructed windows and doorframes, this type of water-based caulking compound is designed to fill small cracks.


Latex is a popular caulking compound that excels in repairing joints around areas prone to moisture, like bathrooms.

Oil and resin-based

One of the least expensive caulking types available, oil and resin-based caulking is used to seal exterior areas, however, it may not be suitable for extremely cold or hot climates.


This flexible caulking can be found in construction or household grades.  Silicone allows for the joints to stretch or compress with time while still sticking and retaining its seal.

Caulking does take a pair of steady hands and patience, which is not a job suited for those in a hurry.  Before starting your caulking job, be sure to clean all of the areas you wish to caulk.  Remove old paint or caulking with a putty knife to get a nice, flat surface for your new layer of caulking.  Dry the area completely before applying the new caulking to ensure that you do not lock in any moisture.

When applying the caulking to the joints in a window frame, hold your caulking gun applicator at an angle that forces the sealant deep into the gap.  It is usually suggested to hold the gun at a forty-five-degree angle and to try to caulk in one continuous bead, avoiding stops and starts for best results.

It may take a few tries to truly get the hang of caulking.  Releasing the trigger before removing the gun will also help you maintain a solid layer of caulking, and most guns come with an automatic release to make this task easier to accomplish.  Most forms of caulking compounds require at least twenty-four hours to dry completely.  If you find that the caulking has shrunk, don’t be shy about applying more to ensure that there is a solid seal to prevent gaps.

An Easy Job With Many Benefits

Caulking is cost-effective, and for whatever type of compound you decide to use, you will only be spending less than $10 per tube.  For larger areas, consider using polyurethane spray foam to fill gaps that a bead of caulking will not cover easily.

Caulking is available in an array of colors to match your windows, and if you cannot find the desired shade, many forms of caulking can be painted over, but read the labeling to make sure you select the right type to do so.

This springtime chore can be completed in a matter of minutes for each window that requires a new layer of caulking.  The higher-end forms of caulking can last years and won’t require touching up for quite some time.  However, it is always a good idea to make it a priority to check the status of previously applied caulking on your windows each year.

Save yourself money and energy by caulking your windows, as these are the top two benefits that homeowners can immediately enjoy.  Preventing moisture from seeping into your foundation through gaps in the windows is an excellent long-term benefit that you will want to take advantage of with the simple task of caulking your windows.

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