Find the Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner

Cleaning vinyl siding is often a neglected job around the home, however, it’s definitely a task you need to do at least once per year. But you won’t be able to get the job done right without the right vinyl siding cleaner.

Believe it or not, there are many different vinyl siding cleaners available. Some work better than others, so it’s important to do a little research before using one. Thankfully, we’re here to make the research process easier for you.

In this article, we’ll show you 5 great vinyl siding cleaners you can find at any hardware or department store. Also, you’ll learn how you can make your own vinyl siding cleaner. Without further ado, let’s get started.

The 5 Best Store Bought Cleaners

As we’ve already mentioned, there are many cleaners available and it might be overwhelming to find the right one. Each brand boasts different promises and prices are all over the board. All you want to know is what works best.

vinyl siding cleaner

Don’t fret, we’ve got a list of great vinyl siding cleaners that you can find at any store.

1. Krud Kutter House and Siding Washer

Krud Kutter does exactly what its name implies – it cuts through crud. There are many different types of Krud Kutter cleaners available but we’re going to be focusing on the outdoor cleaner line – more specifically the house and siding washer.

The cleaner is water based and doesn’t contain any bleach. It’s also biodegradable and won’t harm any plants or grass.

You’re probably wondering how well it cleans though. Krud Kutter house and siding cleaner dissolves dirt, oil, grease, tree sap and acid rain with ease. It’ll leave the surface completely clean and remove dirt and grime.

2. Wet and Forget Outdoors

Another bleach-free option is Wet and Forget Outdoors. It’s possibility the easiest cleaner to use as well. The name says it all – you spray the solution onto your home and let it soak. You don’t have to scrub, rinse or pressure wash.

Wet and Forget will eliminate tough moss, mildew, and mold stains. One thing it won’t eliminate is your beautiful lawn. It doesn’t harm grass, trees or bushes.

3. Clorox Pro

Like the previous cleaners, Clorox Pro is a non-bleach cleaner that eliminates mold, mildew and moss. What separates Clorox Pro from other vinyl siding cleaners is that it also disinfects.

Clorox is known for their disinfectant wipes so it makes sense that their siding cleaner does that same. It kills microorganisms, pathogens and 99.9% of germs. Your house will be cleaner and more disinfected than ever before.

4. Mold Armor

Another bacteria killing vinyl siding cleaner is Mold Armor. Like Clorox Pro, it eliminates 99.9% of household bacteria and viruses. Plus, it contains no abrasive materials including bleach.

Mold Armor gets its name from being able to remove and prevent mold. It’s 150 times more effective at controlling mold than other options. In fact, it works 10 minutes after contact. Now that’s fast!

5. Moldex Instant House Wash

Moldex Instant House Wash is a little different compared to the other four products on our list – it contains an “Advanced Bleach Gel”. While bleach is abrasive and shouldn’t be used in all situations, it’ll really cut through dirt, grime and mold without any problems.

Also, because the bleach is so powerful, it starts working instantly. You won’t have to scrub or powerwash. It also has “Active Cling Technology” which helps the solution cling to your surface longer and break down tough, stuck-on stains.

Make Your Own Vinyl Siding Cleaner

While all of these siding cleaners are great and will get the job done, some homeowners prefer something a little more organic. You can easily make your own, chemical-free cleaning solution with everyday home products.

To create a natural solution, you need to mix water and vinegar together. Vinegar is a great option for cleaning because it’ll break down mold and grime but it’s non-toxic and non-acidic. The ratio of the mixture should be 70% water 30% vinegar.

cleaning vinyl siding

Sometimes, vinegar and water isn’t enough and you’ll need to go with a less natural option. That’s where bleach comes in. Bleach is extremely powerful and will get easily rid of even the most stuck-on stains easily. For every 1 gallon of water you use, you’ll need 1 quart of bleach.

Why is Cleaning Your Siding So Important?

You probably have an idea of which vinyl siding cleaner is right for your home, but you might not know why cleaning your vinyl siding is important in the first place. We mentioned 100 times how each of these cleaners gets rid of mold, but who cares?

Mold spreads quickly and if it’s on the outside of your home, it’s only a matter of time before it spreads to the inside as well. There are many adverse affects to breathing in mold which you can read about here.

Also, cleaning your siding will improve your home’s curb appeal. There’s nothing worse than a house that’s dirty. If you don’t clean your vinyl siding at least once per year, the grime and gunk are going to start caking on.

Not only is dirty siding a prerequisite for mold, but gnats and other bugs are attracted to it. You’re going to have a infestation in your home if you don’t do anything about it.

Now you’re probably concerned that you don’t know how to properly clean your vinyl siding. Feldco has come to the rescue with our article about the best way to clean vinyl siding.

Make Sure you Get the Best Vinyl Siding Cleaner for Your Home

To get your siding looking its best, you’re going to need the best vinyl siding cleaner. We’ve given you a few options as well as a couple of homemade mixtures you can choose from. No matter which one you pick, just make sure that you clean your siding at least once per year.

When your home needs new vinyl siding in Chicago, Feldco is here for you. Our product specialists will measure your home and work with you to create exactly what you want. All of our siding is custom-made so you’re bound to find something you’ll love. Get a free quote now and get started on your new siding project.

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