How to Stop Garage Door Leaks

Garage door leaks are known to be a widely occurring problem that plague homeowners across the country, even for those in drier regions out West.  A leaking garage door is not only frustrating but also off-putting, with its musky smell and dampness that deters you from wanting to spend any more time inside of it than necessary.

garage door leaks

Methods in stopping garage door leaks range from inexpensive to on the verge of a garage remodel, and in all honesty, the best solution for your leaking garage door is unique to your home.

You could have landscaping that is graded to your garage’s disadvantage, causing water to leak and pool through the door, or it could be an issue with drainage.  You could get lucky and only need to replace the door or the seal, but either way, you already know that a house and its garage is an investment.

Replace the Threshold

The problem: every time it rains, your garage door suffers the consequences of water collecting on the inside, somehow battling past what you thought was a heavy-duty garage door barrier.

The solution: replace your threshold; the rubber seal that is fitted behind the garage door to ensure a tight, impenetrable barrier to protect your garage from rainwater, stray leaves, and other debris from finding its way inside.

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There are numerous styles, shapes, angles, and thicknesses for garage door thresholds.  You can easily search online to find which one is the perfect fit for your garage door to stop leaks, or you can ask a local garage door expert for assistance.  Thresholds can also be trimmed down with a pair of scissors if you happen to get one that is too long.

With a new rubber seal, you will notice a difference immediately.  And if you’re faced with the common problem of having an uneven floor in your garage, manufacturers make thresholds specifically designed to combat this, too.  Make sure your new threshold is properly notched around the frame of the garage door to create a tight seal.

Install a Drain

Maybe it’s not your garage door’s fault that there is a lake in your driveway and inside of your garage with every downpour, it could be no drain or a poorly designed drainage system.  Consider installing a trench drain that runs alongside the garage door, to catch water before it channels into your garage.

This could take some planning and involve some expensive materials, but you can do it yourself if you desire.  Remember, installing a trench drainage system is no easy task, but if you are up for the job, the results are rewarding enough on their own.

Installing a trench drain requires excavation, heavy tools and equipment, and lots of digging.  For those who aren’t very handy or want to skip this excessive job, you can always hire a professional.

There should be a drain inside of your garage as well.  If there isn’t, consider installing one.  If you find that your garage door leaks, then check the drain.  While it won’t stop the garage door from leaking, you can at least channel the water out of your garage.  Call your local drainage and plumbing experts to clean the pipe if it hasn’t been done in a while.

Consider Your Gutters

If you have awkward landscaping that always seems to bring water through your garage door but want to avoid the costs of remodeling your garage and having to grade the surrounding land, then consider gutters.  Many homeowners avoid putting gutters on their garage because they don’t think they need them there, but gutters are always helpful in channeling water away from foundations.

For leaks that spill into your garage, the problem might be with your door, but it could also be gaps, a failure in the drainage system, or your entire garage door may require replacement.  By checking your gutters or by implementing a brand new gutter system, you can at least help redirect water away from seeping underneath your garage door.

Raise the Garage Floor

As a homeowner, you know that nothing is every easy or cheap when it comes to fixing up your house.  Leaks that appear to be originating through the garage door are no exception because, at the very worst, this could mean an issue with the landscape grading that causes water to naturally pool and collect inside of the garage.

It will behoove you to consult an expert in order to determine if the issue lies in the height of your garage floor.  An uneven match between the garage door and the floor it juts up against could mean a gap that allows water to slide through.

While this is a project that is not going to be a cheap fix, an expert’s advice on whether or not this needs to be done to permanently stop leaks through the garage door will give you the confidence to go through with it.

Seal the Gaps

If you’ve pulled all the stops in ensuring your garage doors is creating a proper seal with the floor and you are still experiencing water streaming in, then check the surrounding perimeter of your garage for gaps that require sealing.  This has a dual benefit of stopping water from draining into your garage and keeping unwanted critters from making a home inside of it.

Use a foam insulation spray or a joint compound to seal gaps that look to be responsible for your leaky garage.  With these gaps taken care of, in combination with a gutter system, a new rubber threshold for your garage door, and clear drains, your leaking problems can be solved.

Replace the Garage Door

If after all of the replacing, sealing, fixing, and installing you still have a leaky garage door, then consider replacing the door itself.  Ask your local garage door repair business to examine your garage door to check if the issue of leaking is actually the door itself and not another problem that needs to be addressed separately.

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Fortunately, garage door experts are not hard to locate, and nearly every town has a business willing to come out and replace your door.  Depending on how extravagant you want to get with your new garage door will determine how much the cost of the materials and installation are.

If you are stuck with an older garage door, its leaking could be the excuse you need to upgrade to one with a sleek, modern design.

Call Feldco For a New Garage Door

As a homeowner, you know how to pick your battles when it comes to do-it-yourself projects for your home.  If the leaking through your garage door ends up being an issue of inclines or declines of the land, or an issue concerning uneven ground, then seriously consider hiring a team of professionals for the job.  Homeowners know that moisture causes a whole mess of issues.

When in doubt, it never hurts to call in Feldco to give your garage door a once over and provide you with helpful recommendations to solve your leaking issues.  Instead of guessing through trial and error to fix your garage door leaks, repair experts can suggest exactly what to do for temporary or permanent solutions. Call Feldco and Get a Free Quote Today.

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