Living Room Cleaning Checklist for this Spring

Spring has sprung and with it comes everyone’s favorite thing to do – spring cleaning. And after spending a long winter indoors, your living room can become cluttered and messy. While it’s important to upkeep your home throughout the whole year, spring is the perfect time to do an intense cleaning. Creating a to-do list can make your journey into spring cleaning a breeze. So take a look at our living room cleaning checklist and get started today!

living room cleaning checklist

1. Declutter Your Living Room

Somehow our living rooms always end up the place we store a variety of things. We keep old magazines on the coffee table, mail on the end tables and, if you have kids, toys can be scattered everywhere. In order to start your living room cleaning checklist off the right way, clutter should be the first thing to go.

Once you’ve thrown junk away or returned everything to the correct place, you can really start to tackle your cleaning tasks. The lack of clutter will help you get into the places that need to be deeply cleaned.

2. Dust Everything

This is the time to grab your duster and get started. Dust can build up pretty quickly if not regularly addressed so it’s important to give everything a thorough dusting before taking on any other cleaning tasks.

Make sure neglected wall corners, vents and light fixtures are also dusted. Don’t forget to dust all surfaces, as well. Your coffee table, end tables, book shelves and entertainment center all need to be dusted.

If you have harder to reach places, a long-handled duster would be able to get to them and give them a good clean.

woman dusting

3. Deep Clean Living Room Furniture

Deep cleaning your furniture doesn’t happen frequently so it’s a perfect task to get done when it’s time to spring clean your living room. Before you start deep cleaning, it’s important to know each piece of furniture might have a different set of cleaning instructions. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure you don’t damage your furniture.

For general cleaning of your couch and love seat, remove all cushions, take them outside and gently hit them with end of a broom. This should get rid of any dust build up on the cushions. Before returning the cushions, vacuum the inside of the couch to remove any crumbs, dust or hair that might be stuck in the crevices.

4. Steam Clean Carpets and Rugs

There’s no doubt that we’ve all spilled a variety of things on our carpets and rugs. Whether your carpet or rug has food or beverage stains, deeply cleaning them should be on everyone’s living room cleaning checklist.

Steam cleaning is an easy and effective way to remove any deep seated stains from your rug. You can rent a steam cleaning machine at a local hardware store or hire carpet cleaning professionals. Whether you decide to do it by yourself or not, fresh rugs and carpets will make a huge difference in your living room.

5. Organize Your Shelves

Many of us have bookshelves or entertainment centers in our living rooms and they can get disorganized pretty quickly.

Make sure all of your books are dusted and organized. You can organize your books alphabetically by the author’s name to make them easier to find when you’re looking for them.

Same thing with your entertainment center – dust and reorganize your DVD collection. So when the time comes to watch your favorite movie, you’ll be able to find it in no time at all.

white bookshelf

6. Properly Wash Your Belongings

Take down any draperies, curtains and blinds to wash or have cleaned. Keep in mind, some curtains or drapes may have specific cleaning instructions from the manufacturer. Again, you want to follow those to avoid damage to your items. Also wash pillows, throws and other washable items – such as a pet bed if there is one.

Once everything is washed, make sure it’s completely dry before returning it to its original place.

7. Wash Your Windows

Since flowers start to bloom in spring, you’ll want to be able to see them from the inside of your home. That’s why washing windows is a task that should be on everyone’s living room cleaning checklist.

Window glass is relatively simple to clean. Take a microfiber cloth and dampen it a little bit. Once it’s dampened, gently go over the glass for a crystal clear clean.

Don’t forget to give your window sills a once over, too. The easiest way to clean sills is to wrap a flathead screwdriver with a microfiber cloth and use the tip to scrape off any dirt trapped in the track. Additionally, take your lightly dampened cloth and wipe off any left over dirt.

8. Brighten Up Your Living Room

A quick way to make your living room look brighter is to simply open up any curtains or blinds. By allowing the sunshine into your living room, it’ll instantly make the space look much better – even before any cleaning is done.

Also, to add even more light, vacuum or dust off lampshades and light bulbs. You’d be surprised how much dust builds up on light bulbs and how much more light they give off when they’re wiped clean.

woman opens curtains

9. Organize Visible Wires

Nothing is more of an eye sore than a tangled mess of electrical wires. No matter how clean your living room may be, visible unorganized wires can make it look messy and cluttered.

It’s important to untangle any wires before trying to conceal them. Once the wires are untangled, check out these tips to make them easier to live with.

tangled cables

10. Rearrange Living Room Furniture

Finally, a great way to finish off any living room cleaning checklist is to move some furniture around. Making a few changes in the layout of your room not only adds a new life to it, but it can maximize functionality if done the right way.

Do you have a bulky coffee table that takes up a lot of room? Remove it from your living room completely and enjoy a more spacious area. There are endless activities that can be done in a more open space.

A Beautiful Living Room You Can Enjoy

Don’t let a messy living room bring you down. You can easily turn a cluttered room into a beautifully one by following this living room cleaning checklist.

Once everything is done, your living room will be a great place to relax and entertain guests. You can even pop in a DVD from your newly organized collection to enjoy!

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