Retractable Screen Storm Doors: Why They’re Awesome

If you’re looking to upgrade your doors and windows one of the best things that you can do is replace your current storm doors with retractable screen storm doors. These combination doors are the best of both worlds and they make life a lot easier.

If you have mobility challenges or if you just hate putting on and taking off storm doors every year then replacing your old storm doors with retractable screen storm doors will be a game changer.

When you put on retractable screen storm doors you won’t have to switch between storm doors and screen doors every spring and fall anymore. Retractable screen storm doors have screens built into the door between the glass storm door panels.

When the warm weather comes you can lower the glass panels out of sight revealing the screen panels. That way you can let some fresh air into your home and ventilate it without having to remove a storm door and replace it with a screen door.

When the cold weather comes again the glass panels can be raised to provide the winter weather protection that you want a storm door to provide. These doors work year-round and are appropriate for every type of home.

retractable screen storm doors

How Retractable Storm Doors Work

A storm door is basically an extra layer of protection for your primary exterior door. Homeowners usually add a storm door to protect the primary door from bad weather and damage. A storm door can also improve energy efficiency if the exterior door doesn’t fit tightly inside the door frame and allows air to escape.

Regular storm doors can stay on throughout the year but most homeowners take them off in the spring replace them with screen doors that allow better ventilation, fresh air, and natural light to get inside the home when the primary door is open. The screens keep bugs and pests out and animals and children in the house.

However,  removing a storm door and installing a screen door is time-consuming and difficult. The door itself could be damaged if it’s not installed correctly. When homeowners change their exterior doors twice a year, there’s a good chance that the frame will get bent or damaged from all the wear and tear.

Retractable storm doors are a screen door and storm door combo that provides both the function of a storm door and the function of a screen door. So when you install a retractable screen storm door, you don’t need to change that exterior door ever.

The storm door is made from a heavy-duty wooden core that provides security and protection for the primary door and for the home. That heavy wooden core is wrapped in a durable material so that it will last for a long time.

It can be wrapped in metal like aluminum or vinyl. Vinyl wrapped storm doors are less expensive than aluminum storm doors but in general, they don’t last long. Most vinyl storm doors only are under warranty for five years and after that, they will need replacing. Aluminum storm doors last much longer because the metal is stronger.

Although metal storm doors can become scratched and dented, which is something that most homeowners aren’t too concerned about because scratches and dents are relatively easy to fix.

In a regular storm door, the central part of the door is made from panels. Usually, there are panels of glass but there may be just one panel of glass and one panel of another material. The more glass the door has the more light it will let it.

Retractable screen storm doors have one panel of glass in the front and another panel in the back. Between those two panels of glass is a cartridge that holds a heavy duty mesh screen. When you toggle the glass panels and press a button the glass panels will descend into the door and the screen will come up.

That way you can get the light and air that you want without allowing bugs or pests into the house. If the screen is damaged by pets, kids or just normal wear and tear, then you can get a replacement screen put in so that you don’t need an entirely new door.

With a retractable screen storm door, you don’t ever have to change your exterior door again. You can just switch the glass panels for the screen in the spring and put the glass panels back up when the weather starts to get cold.

screen door getting replaced

Why Homeowners Love Retractable Screen Doors

Isn’t it obvious? Homeowners love retractable screen doors because they make it simple and easy to adjust to the seasons. No more ripping out storm doors to install screen doors and doing the opposite when the weather changes.

It makes it simple and easy to get natural light and fresh air in the spring and summer and it’s easy to block out the rain, snow, and cold in the fall and winter. But retractable screen storm doors have some other benefits as well.

They’re Affordable

Compared to the cost of buying and maintaining two sets of doors every year, buying a retractable screen storm door that’s long-lasting is much more cost effective for homeowners. Retractable screen storm doors come with a wide range of styles and prices so you can find a door that works for your budget no matter what your budget is.

They’re Durable

Vinyl retractable screen storm doors generally last for around five years, but that’s still a long time compared to the time that individual screen doors and storm doors last. And if you upgrade to an aluminum wrapped retractable screen storm door, your door could last decades or more depending on the weather and wear and tear.

They’re Stylish

Retractable screen storm doors are made to be visible on the front and back of your home all year long so they now have a lot of very nice style options. You can choose from many different colors that will complement the color of your home and work nicely with the color of your exterior door.

On the higher end, metal doors with the metal underneath the wrap is the same color as the frame so that if your door gets scratched or nicked then it won’t be really noticeable because the original color will still be visible.

There are also retractable screen storm doors with security options like wrought iron grillwork and safety bars in decorative patterns if you want to make sure that your door is secured from intruders as well from weather and sun damage.

When you look at all the features that retractable screen storm doors have and the many benefits of using them instead of switching between a regular storm door and a regular screen door twice a year when the weather changes it’s clear that upgrading to retractable screen storm doors is the best thing you can do for your home.

Customized to Fit

You don’t want to buy any screen storm door. You’ll want to get a retractable door that’ll fit onto your entry doors and patio doors. At Feldco Chicago, we understand the maximum benefits that customers are looking for and we provide them with quality craftsmanship and installation to ensure that homeowners are getting high energy efficiency, durability and curb appeal.

Trust Feldco to replace your screen and storm doors with the all-in-one retractable screen storm doors. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote today.

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