Patio Doors in Chicago – Know Your Replacement Options

Patio doors are one of the most underrated doors in the entire home. They allow beautiful natural light into your home and when the weather’s nice in Chicago, they can be one of the most used doors in the house. Whether you like sliding patio doors or you’d prefer an elegant french patio door, we’ll help you find the right one for you.

patio doors in chicago

What’s Important in a Patio Door?

There are lots of features and details that can go into a good patio door for your home but here are some of the most important ones and the questions you should be asking:

  • Safety – How strong is your patio door? Does it have a solid handle/knob and lock?
  • Beauty and Appearance – How durable is the finish on the door? What glass options are available? What hardware options will work best (hardware colors, kickplate, etc.)?
  • Usability – If a sliding patio door, how smooth does it slide? If a hinged (French) patio door, how reliable is the door?
  • Energy-Efficiency – Will the new patio door lower my heating and cooling bills? Is the patio door glass coated? Is there double-pane glass?

Types of Patio Doors and Their Features

There are two major types of patio doors in Chicago: French patio doors and sliding patio doors. Both have their own unique benefits that will work for your home. Let’s take a look.

Sliding Patio Doors

What’s great about sliding patio doors is that they’re almost like two big floor to ceiling windows that slide on a track. These types of patio doors are very common and very functional.

Most sliding patio doors are built similarly to windows vs. normal doors like entry doors. In fact, they have many of the same features of windows including argon gas fills, double pane glass and durable vinyl construction available in a variety of colors and finishes, even wood grain.

Another benefit of sliding patio doors in Chicago is that you can adjust the amount of ventilation. Most sliding patio doors you’ll find include screens. You can open the patio door a crack or open it fully if you choose and control the amount of fresh air you’d like to let in from the door.

How about keeping the outside air out? A well-insulated patio door will work just as well as a window in terms of energy-efficiency for your home. Odds are that your new replacement patio door will be a vast improvement over your old patio door.

If you like to entertain on your patio or deck, sliding patio doors are just the ticket. They give you easy access to the outdoor area and are especially helpful when you need to run in and out of the house quickly like when grilling.

In summary, sliding patio doors offer:

  • convenience and low-maintenance
  • ease of use
  • excellent ventilation for when you want some fresh air coming into your home
  • energy-efficiency with options like double pane glass
  • the option of built-in blinds

a sliding patio door in chicago

French Patio Doors

French patio doors, sometimes called hinged patio doors, consist of two separate doors that are hinged opposite of each other. There are plenty of glass and finish options available so that you can make your new french patio doors fit your style.

French patio doors are for homeowners who really want to make an impact with the entrance to their patio. Hinged doors like this give your patio area an added touch of elegance.

If you like the option to allow some fresh air into your home while keeping insects like flies out, a french patio door may not be the right choice. If you generally keep your patio door closed most of the time, french patio doors are a great option that will make both your indoor and outdoor spaces look great.

Another benefit of french patio doors is that they come with some great door hardware options, similar to entry doors. These include decorative handles and locksets in a variety of finishes.

Most french patio doors are available in either fiberglass or steel construction. Steel gives you some extra weight for your door and also some strength. Fiberglass french patio doors are lightweight but still strong and super-durable. If you want a low-maintenance french patio door with the look of wood grain, fiberglass is a perfect option.

French Patio Doors with Built In Blinds

One very nice option for a french patio door is the addition of built in blinds, or in other words, blinds between the panes of glass. Built in blinds are great because there’s much less to clean since the blinds are dust-free and inside the glass panels of your french patio door. The blinds usually operate by way of a switch on the door that you can pull down or up to open and close the blinds.

In summary, french patio doors offer:

  • elegant looks
  • a multitude of decorative glass and finish options
  • fiberglass or steel construction
  • built-in blinds as an option

The Cost of a Patio Door in Chicago

Oftentimes, the first question that comes to most peoples’ minds when looking for a replacement patio door is: “What is the cost?” Well, the price of patio doors can vary widely depending on what exactly you’re looking for, what size of patio door you need and what colors and hardware options you prefer. Only after a proper measurement of your door opening and a patio door selection based on your needs is performed can you get an accurate price quote.

What Makes the Best Patio Door for Your Home?

The best patio door is one that fits your lifestyle and your home. If you want a functional patio door that is easy to operate and maintain, try a sliding patio door. If you like elegance and the look of a traditional door for your patio, think about french patio doors.

Both sliding and hinged patio doors are very popular in homes across the U.S. because they’re extremely functional and look great. If you have an existing entry door leading to your patio or backyard, you may want to consider a storm door with a screen instead. That way you’ll keep the existing door opening and still have the option for ventilation with a screen door.

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