Patio Door Security Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

patio door security

Every homeowner knows the importance of home security. Making sure all access points are secure should be on the top of your priority list, especially keeping an eye on your patio door security.

From front doors to back windows, everything should be taken into consideration when dealing with intruder prevention. Your windows and front doors can be easily equipped with deadbolts and other security measures.

Patio doors are the most difficult entry point to secure on your home. We’ve come up with some solid tips for increasing the safety and security of your sliding patio doors.

Upgrade Your Locking System

Most sliding patio doors come with basic latches that act as the only form of security between your home and the outside world. These locks can be easily manipulated by burglars.

The addition of a security bar or door jammer vastly improves your patio door’s ability to deter home invaders.

Another common form of protection is to install a lock that bolts to the top of the frame from the door.

Although it’s not necessarily a lock, placing door sensors on your patio doors to sync with your alarm system acts as excellent intruder protection. The sound of an alarm is enough to scare most burglars.

Reinforce Your Patio Door Glass

patio door security

This method of patio door security is often overlooked even though it’s one of the most effective methods to keep intruders out. Upping the security of your locks is a great measure to take, but some burglars are more determined than others.

If your patio door glass isn’t shatterproof, replacing it with shatterproof glass is a surefire way to greatly increase security. However, this option may be a bit pricey.

An alternative to completely replacing the glass is to install a protective film layering on your patio door glass. The film is designed to prevent your glass from shattering to help deter intruders and also to help against extreme weather conditions.

For those with alarm systems, installing a glass break detector is an excellent burglar deterrent. Some burglars won’t even try when they see the sensors on the inside of the glass.

Another way to kind of shield things is to make sure you have some form of curtains or blinds to cover up the interior of your home. If you choose to install new sliding patio doors, you can elect to have built-in blinds when you go with Feldco.

Keep Your Tracks and Rollers Well-Maintained

Sliding patio doors usually operate on a set of rollers that glide along a track. If you allow the tracks or rollers to become dirty or damaged, then your patio door will be easier to lift off of the tracks.

To combat this problem, remove your door from the track and thoroughly clean any dirt and debris that may have built up in the tracks or rollers over time. When your door is operating smoothly, it’s much harder to lift it from the tracks making it more secure.

However, after cleaning you may find that your door is still not as snug along the track. Most sliding patio doors have adjustable rollers that you can expand or compress to help fit more secure along the track.

Not only does this add to your patio door security, it makes your door easier to operate and if your door was really dirty it could feel like you just installed a whole new door.

If you find that cleaning and adjusting your rollers still didn’t help with making your door operate more smoothly, it’s time for a replacement. You can get a free quote now from Feldco for the best vinyl sliding patio doors in Chicago.

Still Don’t Feel Secure? Go With French Patio Doors

french patio doors

If implementing the above patio door security tips still doesn’t feel comfortable, you could beef up security and protection with French patio doors.

French patio doors are made the same way as entry doors, so you’ll be getting the best in security and energy efficiency.

For the best French patio doors in Chicago, get a free quote right now from Feldco. Our French patio doors are available in steel and fiberglass, and both have foam core insulation to maximize energy efficiency. They also add an elegant touch to your home.

Patio door security is extremely important for homeowners because patio doors are often an inviting sight for home intruders.

You can make the most of your sliding patio door security by installing a bar lock and/or reinforcing the glass. Or, eliminate any security flaws that sliding patio doors may bring about and replace them with strong and beautiful French patio doors.

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