Why You Don’t Want Jalousie Windows

You want your windows to be beautiful, practical and secure. Jalousie windows, while visually striking, are none of these things. If you’re in the market for new windows, steer clear of this quirky style.

jalousie windows

Find out why you don’t want jalousie windows – and what you should get instead.

What are Jalousie Windows?

Jalousie windows are a style of windows similar to shutters. They’re made up of horizontal slats, known as louvers, in either glass, acrylic or wood. These are set on an operable track so they can be tilted up or down.

Characteristic of plantation-style homes, jalousie windows were often used to close in a porch.

Lack of Curb Appeal

If you like vintage things, you might like jalousie windows. This style was patented in 1901 but enjoyed a moment of popularity in the Forties. On the one hand they’re historic, but on the other hand they’re dated.

jalousie windows style and appearance

If you choose glass for your jalousie windows, you get a pretty unobstructed view. There’s no doubt they possess a unique charm. This kind of window can hurt your curb appeal, which lowers the resale value of your home.

The thing is they can be rather polarizing. Frankly, they make more sense in a resort or theme restaurant. You sometimes even see them as an option for storm doors, which is an odd combination. It’s like a high-heeled sneaker: doing too many things at once. And any attempt to make them more practical (like metal grills) just makes them uglier.

Energy Inefficient

One benefit of jalousie windows is they’re certainly not short on ventilation. The flipside of this is they’re basically always open. This leads to drafty nights and humid days. In short order, you’ll see the evidence showing up on your utility bill.

The insulating property of windows is largely important, from weatherproofing to soundproofing. A window with a proper seal keeps warm homes warm, cool homes cool, and money in your pocket where it belongs.

Jalousie windows offer nothing in the way of insulation. As more home buyers are looking for efficiency, this out-of-date style will make them picture their energy bill – another reason jalousie windows lower your property value.

Hard to Maintain

One of the chores we most dread is cleaning the windows. This job is made ten times worse with a jalousie window. Can you imagine having to navigate every single slat? This is one reason jalousie windows are hard to maintain.

Moreover, their very design makes them a ticking time bomb. In time all of your things will need repair or replacement. If one of the louvers on your jalousie window chips, breaks, or scuffs, it will be a major headache trying to fix it.

Not Safe or Secure

Jalousie windows provide no defense against the elements. One thing that makes them impractical is they let in bugs and weather. In the warm months, which are exactly the time you’d want to leave your windows ajar, the bugs are out.

You’re left defenseless to any insects that want to become a house guest. (And the same problem extends to anyone else who might want to peek into your house.)

Not Weatherproof or Weather Resistant

You might be attracted to their flashy style or how they evoke the days of summer. How will they fare the other nine months of the year? Plus, summer can be home to some of the most turbulent weather, from thunderstorms to hail.

weak weather resistant jalousie windows

One of the main functions of a window is to weatherproof your house. It’s a vulnerable feeling to have windows that don’t really close. Even in the most pleasant weather, you want to shut your windows sometimes.

What to Get Instead

If you like the look of shutters, you can achieve the same thing with window treatments. If you like the character they lend your home you may prefer these styles instead. There are many ways to add vintage charm to your windows. Get double casement windows that open opposite each other. Top your windows with a domed picture window with a radial grid. Take your pick of the different grills and mullions available.

Think outside the box of what windows can be. If you were thinking of getting jalousie windows for your porch, a patio door may be for you. You’ll feel transported when you walk through your sliding glass or French doors.

One of the draws of a jalousie window is that their outward-down orientation makes rain slide off, so you can have them open in a rain shower. You can achieve the same thing with awning windows, and then close them up when you’re done. It gives you the best of both worlds.

Revamp Your Home With Replacement Windows

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