How to Get a Sticker Off of a Window

Just about every person who has ever made a purchase has experienced the annoyance of an unwanted and stubborn sticker. Whether removing an old parking sticker from a window, a price tag from an appliance or a label from a bottle for a do-it-yourself craft project, we have all felt the frustration creep in as the sticky adhesive simply refuses to be removed under the persistent assault of our fingernails.

how to remove a sticker off of a window

Removing a sticker from a window can be an incredibly frustrating experience that can leave the window covered in sticky residue, and the person removing the sticker frustrated and completely annoyed. Luckily, there are a number of solutions to getting those sticky intruders off of surfaces of any kind, that leave zero residue and which can be found in your home.

Soak it in Hot Water

You can start removing that stubborn sticker by submerging it in hot, soapy water for approximately thirty minutes. The heat of the water combined with the base composition of the soap should serve to dissolve the adhesive on the back of the sticker or weaken the vinyl of the sticker itself.

If the object with the sticker can not be submerged, such as a window, wet a washcloth or rag with hot water and dish soap and apply it to the sticker. Resoak the rag if need be. In 10-30 minutes, the sticker should peel away easily.

Apply Heat

If the sticker still refuses to be removed in its entirety, it’s time to bring out the big guns. By big guns we, of course, mean a hair dryer or heat gun.

Make sure the hair dryer is on its hottest setting and apply the heat directly to the sticker for approximately three minutes. The heat applied directly to the sticker should serve to melt the adhesive.

After three minutes of direct exposure, remove the sticker from the heat, and immediately proceed to peel the sticker off of your window. Waiting too long will allow the adhesive to resolidify. If that’s the case, simply redo the process.

Enlist Household Products

For a truly stubborn sticker, one may need to employ the use of select household chemicals. Luckily, there are a plethora of tips and tricks to remove stickers and stubborn adhesive residue that are readily available and already in most people’s homes.


WD-40 is a dissolvent found in nearly every home which can be applied to a sticker to dissolve the adhesive holding it to the window or glass. Simply apply the WD-40 to a rag then apply the rag directly to the sticker. The sticker should peel away easily.

Be sure to wear gloves to protect your skin, and avoid spilling the dissolvant on any cloths or furniture.

Baking Sode & Cooking Oil

Baking Soda & Cooking Oil can be used to remove a sticker and is particularly useful when removing a price tag from kitchen items like appliances, spatulas and glassware. Simply soak the item in hot soapy water, as previously mentioned.

Then mix the baking soda and cooking oil together to make a paste. Apply the paste to a rag and apply it to the sticker. Gently massage the paste into the sticker until it can be easily removed. Reapply as needed.

Rubbing Alcohol & Nail Polish Remover

Rubbing Alcohol & Nail Polish Remover utilize the same principle as WD-40 in that the alcohol in the rubbing solution and the nail polish remover dissolves the adhesive in the sticker so that it can then be easily removed using a fingernail or a dull knife.


Vinegar is readily available in most homes and is very cheap to purchase. Simply apply the vinegar to a rag and apply the rag to the sticker being sure to leave a generous coating. Wait approximately 5-10 minutes. Then, using a hot, damp rag, wipe away the sticker residue and the vinegar to reveal a perfectly clean surface.

Adhesive Removal Products

The problem with sticker residue removal is that it’s so pervasive and widely experienced that an entire industry has evolved around it. If the household products won’t cut it, and that sticker is still stubbornly clinging to the surface, or its been removed but left its residue as a reminder, than perhaps it’s time to call in a professional.

Goo Gone

Goo Gone is sold at most supermarkets and home improvement stores and is specifically formulated to remove the peskiest of stubborn stickers and their relentless residue. Spray Goo Gone on to the sticker and let it do its magic for approximately three minutes.

Using a putty knife or your fingernail scrape away the sticker and any remaining residue. Once the sticker is removed, clean the surface with warm, soapy water.

Sticker Removal Tools

Sticker/Label Removal Tools are pencil like devices tipped with a small sharpened blade to wedge under a sticker and scrape it, and its residue, from a surface. They can come in handy and provide a little more leverage for removing the sticker than a fingernail. If a scraper isn’t readily available one can always substitute a razor blade or credit card.

Think Out of the Box


Vodka is generally known for getting people into sticky situations but in this case it can used to get you out of one. Simply apply the vodka to a rag and apply the rag to the sticker to be removed.

As with the rubbing alcohol, the alcohol in the vodka dissolves the adhesive of the sticker. Once the vodka has been liberally applied simply scrape off the sticker with a finger and wipe away the vodka.

Lighter Fluid

Lighter Fluid is great at at least two things that we know of. Lighting fires and removing sticky residue. Start by donning gloves and working in a ventilated area.

Apply the lighter fluid to a rag and generously apply the rag to the sticker or residue then scrape the sticker from the surface. Be sure not to throw that rag near anything flammable though.

How to Remove a Sticker Off of a Window

Now that you have read this article perhaps the question as to “how to get a sticker off of a window?” should be rephrased to “what can’t I use to get a sticker off a window?” Along with the commercial products that are easily available, there are too many tips, tricks and household products to list here, many of which work exceptionally.

Next time you’re tasked with a particularly annoying sticker try peanut butter, or maybe an eraser. Weider things have worked before.

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