Garage Door Style That Increases Curb Appeal

Improving your garage door style can drastically change the appearance of your entire property. Whether you just want to upgrade your existing door, or you are considering a complete replacement, updating your look can increase your home’s value and curb appeal.

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Do you want something clean and simple or something with more character? The options are endless. It all depends on what you think will compliment your home best.


Garage Door Style Options


Traditional garage doors are perfect if you are looking for a fresh, seamless look. They come with different panel and window options that can give you the feel of a customized garage door without creating a busy look that will distract from the rest of your home. Due to the simple look and style of this garage door, it will go well with most home designs.


The clean lines of a contemporary garage door compliment the simplicity of a modern style home. There are endless options as far as style. Contemporary options tend to have a more futuristic look than a traditional garage door. They can be a simple way to make your property stand out without looking overdone.


If you are looking to add a rustic charm to your home carriage garage doors can make a huge difference. With their barn-door look, they provide the homey feeling you want. They can swing open, or up, but there are plenty of overhead garage door style options that give you the same swing open look.

Windows and Inserts

You can customize your garage door style with decorative windows to really make it stand out. There are many window styles to choose from with different shapes and sizes. Having garage windows that match the windows of the house can really enhance curb appeal by creating a unified look.

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If you do not want to replace your garage door, but want to look of windows you can add window inserts. These inserts look like real windows and you can add them to your current garage.

Frosted Glass

Windows can be a great way to add natural light, but if privacy is a concern for you frosted glass is another option. Frosted glass will give you natural light, while still allowing you the privacy you want. There are also plenty of pattern options available with frosted glass for a more unique looking window.

Adding Accessories to Your Existing Garage Door


If you are looking to update your current garage door adding accessories is an easy and cost-effective way to improve your look without replacing the entire door. Attaching hardware can be done by screwing in barn door style handles or adding hinges. Adding handles and hinges even if they aren’t functional can provide you with a similar look to the carriage style door without the expense of replacing what you already have.

Magnetic Accessories

Magnetic kits can also be purchased. Kits often include faux handles and hinges to add sophistication to any door. These can be relocated or removed at any time with no damage left behind. The variety of colors and styles available allows you to select options that will tie in with the decor of the rest of your property.


Adding color to your home can be intimidating, but changing the garage door color can be less of a commitment. You can go with something subtle or do a color that will make your property stand out. Incorporating a colored garage door can be an easy way to make your home appear more unified by coordinating colors with your front door, windows or shutters.

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You can purchase a garage door in any color you’d like, or you can paint your existing door for a fresh look that is budget friendly. There is also the option of going with a painted wood grain door. This can give your property added warmth even if you have a steel door.



Steel doors are the most popular when considering material. They are durable, low maintenance, and they have a clean look. Steel doors are cost-effective and can be painted a solid color or textured to look like real wood. Adding insulation is another benefit of steel doors makes, making them an energy efficient choice. The most common issues with steel doors are that they are more prone to rusting than some other options.


Aluminum can give you a lot of the same benefits of steel visually. It can be painted and textured and is often a cheaper and lighter option, however, it does tend to dent easier than steel would.


Fiberglass is very malleable, so the imitation wood has a very similar look to real wood without the need to refinish and restain. These garage doors are low maintenance and cheaper than real wood. Fiberglass is also very durable so if denting is a concern for you, fiberglass, is a good choice.


Garage doors made out of wood are great if you are looking for a traditional look. They add warmth and character to your home without looking busy. There are a variety of style options available and can be painted or stained to any shade you want. They are great insulators but tend to be more expensive and require more care than other options.

What Garage Door Style is Right For You?

With all of the different garage door styles, colors, materials, window options and decor, you can really customize your garage any way you want it. Replacing your garage door can be costly so it is important to do your research and know what you want. Garage doors typically take up a large portion of the front of your home so updating yours can increase your curb appeal and overall value significantly. If you are not looking to replace your entire garage door, hopefully, you picked up some ideas to revamp your existing door.

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