7 Garage Accessories You Need For Your Garage

Many homeowners don’t think much about their garage. Typically, it’s where you park your cars and maybe store items you don’t need on a regular basis. However, there are a few garage accessories that can help you get more out of it.

garage accessories

Whether you use your garage as a workshop or want to completely transform it, you’ll want to keep it as organized and beautiful as humanly possible. We’ll show you 7 garage accessories that you need for your garage.

1. Unique Garage Storage

Organizing your garage is key to being able to find what you need. What would be the point of using your garage for storage if you can’t find anything when you need it?

However, you only have limited space to work with so you need to get creative with your storage. Don’t let your garage get so bad that you can’t even park your cars in there – that’s the entire point of having a garage in the first place.

Thankfully, we have a couple ideas to help you better store items in your garage.

Large Toolboxes

Whether you use your garage as a makeshift workshop or you have no where else to store your tools, they need a place to go. You can’t leave them all over the floor or thrown all over the place.

Large toolboxes are usually found along the walls of your garage and have many shelves to help organize your tools. That way, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need easily.

Some of the tool boxes also have wheels for easy movement. This will allow you to move the toolbox around if you need to rearrange your garage or move it out of the way to park your cars.

Roof and Wall Storage

Your garage only has so much space, so it’s important to use it wisely. One of the best ways to organize your garage is to use your roof and walls for storage. It effectively doubles the amount of space you have in your garage.

Roof storage is great because it allows you to store boxes and large objects from your ceiling. Metal shelves are screwed into the ceiling and hang down so you can reach anything you need while still keeping it out of the way.

But what about your walls? You can hang bikes, sports nets and lawn equipment on the walls using hooks. It’s an easy way to keep the floors clear so you can park your cars in the garage.

Can you hang tools from your wall too? Yes! Pegboards are one of the best garage accessories because they allow you to hang your tools on the walls. This way, you’re able to see everything and pick exactly what you need without having a long search.

2. A Garage Loft

Speaking of roof storage, you can take it to the next level with a garage loft. A loft essentially creates another level in your garage which is perfect for storing holiday decorations, seasonal items and things you don’t need often. Think of it almost like an attic.

However, you can do more with your loft than just storage. You can turn it into a spare bedroom or living room while still being able to park your cars below. Garage loft conversion is great for homes that don’t have basements or family rooms because it gives you a great place to entertain guests.

3. Steel Garage Doors

Of all the garage accessories, the door is often the most forgotten. It’s not flashy like a loft and you can’t see the results like organizers, but it shouldn’t be forgotten. Your garage door can end up saving you money and keeping your garage a comfortable temperature.

How is that even possible? Simple, picking the right garage door adds insulation to your home. Some steel garage doors have a foam core which makes it difficult for drafts to get into your garage. This helps maintain the temperature in the garage and any rooms that share a wall with it.

This is very important no matter how you use your garage. If it’s used as an extra living space or workshop, you’ll be spending a lot of time in there and want it to be a comfortable temperature. However, if your garage is only used for storage, protecting your cars, lawn equipment and electronics from extreme temperatures is equally as important.

Maintaining temperature isn’t the only benefit of an insulated steel garage door – it can also help you save money on your energy bills. By preventing drafts from getting into your garage, your furnace and air conditioner don’t have to work as hard to reach the temperature you want. They’ll be using less power which will lower the cost of your energy bills.

4. Epoxy Floors

Along with garage doors, your floors are another one of the forgotten garage accessories. Homeowners look at it like a slab of concrete – nothing more. If you were to epoxy your garage floor, it could be so much more.

Epoxy has two huge benefits: prevents stains from forming on your floor and improve the overall look. Since epoxy doesn’t absorb things like oil and gas, the floor won’t stain and can be easily cleaned using a hose.

It also gives the floor a sleek, modern finish that you won’t get with concrete floors. Epoxy is very easy to apply to your floor – there are even DIY epoxy kits that give you everything you need. Check out the video below to see how to epoxy your garage floor.

5. Parking Aids

The last thing you want to do is park your car poorly making it impossible to get a second one in your garage. That’s why parking aids are one of the more popular garage accessories.

The most common parking aids are the black and yellow bars which are placed where your front two tires should be when you are parked. As you’re pulling in, both of your tires should hit these bars at the same time.

You can also make your own DIY parking aid. By simply cutting a hole in a tennis ball, you can hang it from the ceiling using a rope. Make sure it touches the middle of your windshield when you’re parked properly in your garage. Whenever you pull in, the same part of your windshield should hit the tennis ball.

6. Vinyl Windows

Having windows in your garage is a must – especially ones that are operable. Not only will you get great sunlight in your garage, but you’ll be able to control airflow as well.

If you’re using your garage for more than just storage, the benefits of having windows are obvious. Since you’re spending more time in your garage, being able to control airflow and having more light is a must.

However, you might not see the purpose of having windows if your garage is merely for parking your cars. That’s just not true! Garages with windows improve the beauty and curb appeal of your home, which will also increase its value.

You also need to make sure you get the right windows for your garage. Vinyl windows are perfect for Chicago homeowners. They’re foam insulated creating an airtight seal so drafts can’t get into your garage.

The glass of your windows should be double pane and argon gas-filled as well. Argon is denser than normal air, making it hard for it to pass through your windows. You’ll be able to keep your heated and cooled air trapped in your garage.

7. Door Guards for Your Walls

Is your garage a tight squeeze when parking your cars inside? Have you ever hit the wall with your door when getting out of your car? If so, door guards will interest you.

You put the door guards on the wall where your car door would hit the wall. This will act as a cushion and prevent dings, holes and paint chips from occurring. They work best paired with a parking aid because then you’ll know that the door guard is lined up with your parked car every time.

You Don’t want to Pass Up These Garage Accessories

These 7 garage accessories are perfect for any home. They’ll make your garage look better, last longer and have more functionality than ever before.

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