Dormer Window Replacement in Chicago – All About Dormer Windows

One of the best features of many Chicago-area homes are dormers. Those are the mini structures with gables that extend from the roofs of some Chicago homes.

The house from the movie “Home Alone” might be the one of the most memorable examples of dormers and also dormer windows in Chicago.

What most homeowners don’t know is that most dormer windows can be easily replaced with standard replacement windows. There isn’t anything particularly special about dormer windows other than the raised structure that they are located within.

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In this guide to dormer windows in Chicago, we’re going to go over some of your options as a homeowner when replacing dormer windows. The good news is that you’ve got a lot of options to choose from!

Types of Dormer Windows Available

Replacing a dormer window is just as easy as replacing any other style of window in your home. When choosing a new window for your dormers, you have a world of possibilities and options to choose from.

Let’s talk about different styles of dormer windows.

1. Double Hung Windows for Dormers

Besides being one of the most popular types of windows that people buy today, double-hung windows are traditionally the standard type of window that you’ll find across many homes in Chicago.

If you’re a window traditionalist, this is the window style for you.

Double hung windows are great for dormers for many reasons. One of the biggest is the look.

Since dormers are so eye-catching and beautiful, especially on homes with traditional architecture, i.e. Georgian-style homes, you deserve a window that will carry the class of the rest of your home.

Double hung windows carry clean lines and can really make any dormer pop visually. If you’re not a fan of the standard white, there are several color options for double hung windows that can work well with your home.

One of the best features of double hung windows is how easy they are to clean. Most double hung windows allow you to tilt the window panes inwards for easy cleaning. That means no need for ladders outside or even a professional window cleaning crew.

Another wonderful feature of these windows is how they open. Both sashes, or framed panels of glass, can be opened and closed independently. This feature of double hung windows allows you to choose how you want the window to ventilate your home – from the top or the bottom (or both).

2. Dormer Windows That Slide from Side to Side

Sliding windows also make a great choice for dormers. Sliding windows can be opened from side to side and are very easy to open and close. They also look great on dormers.

Cleaning a modern sliding window is also easy – you can remove each sash entirely from the window frame for cleaning.

Sliding windows are also easy to open, especially if you have something under the window on the inside like a cabinet counter, a desk or anything else where you need to reach over something to open and close the window. That’s why sliding windows are also highly recommended for kitchens.

Don’t think that you’re limited to just double-hung or sliding windows either, you could easily fit almost any type of window in your dormer’s existing window opening.

What Material Should Your New Dormer Windows Be Made Of?

Well, if you’d like to stay traditional and true to the original windows of your classic home, wood windows may be your choice.

However, if you’d like to replace your old dormer windows with something that is both beautiful, maintenance-free and energy-efficient, we recommend vinyl replacement windows.

Vinyl windows are very resilient to the temperature extremes in Chicago and won’t warp and bend over time like wood windows can. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about painting or staining them because vinyl replacement windows have their color “baked in” right at the factory, not painted on like other material choices for windows.

Another benefit of vinyl dormer windows is that you can customize the look and feel starting from the color of the windows down to the hardware and even glass options. We recommend going with Low-E double-paned glass with Argon gas fill for added energy efficiency and insulation value for your home.

Replace Your Dormer Windows with Feldco

We offer many different options for your dormers and with our expert advice, support and installation, we can make replacing your dormer windows (or any other windows in your home) a quick and worry-free experience. Get started on a free quote for your dormer windows today.

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