Storm Doors in Chicago

storm doors chicagoYour home in Chicago is incomplete without a Feldco storm door. They protect your entry door, improve your home’s energy efficiency and look great too. It’s essential for your home to have a storm door in Chicago.

Protect Your Entry Door with a Storm Door

An aluminum storm door is your entry door’s best friend. It’s installed on the outside of your entry door and protects it from rain, snow, hail and wind. Think of it like a shield – your entry door has never been safer. Don’t worry, your storm door can handle Chicago’s weather.

Storm Doors Improve Your Chicago Home’s Energy Efficiency

Since your storm door is installed on the outside of your entry door, it also adds a layer of insulation. This makes it harder for heat or air to escape your home through your entryway. This will save you money on your energy bills and will make your home more comfortable year round.

Enjoy More Fresh Air and Natural Light from Your Storm Door

Your storm door allows you to open your entry door at anytime without the fear of bugs getting into your home. Some storm doors allow you to replace your screen with glass and vice versa so you can open your entry door at anytime without worrying about the weather.

We also offer retractable screens that will give you better control over the air flow in your home.

Storm Door Styles

We offer several different storm door styles at Feldco:

  • Retractable screen storm door: maximizes the amount of fresh air entering your home thanks to its retractable screen
  • Full glass storm door: maximizes the amount of light that enters your home
  • Metal mesh screen storm door: has a heavy duty metal mesh screen that won’t rip or tear. This is perfect for homes with small children or pets

storm door with entry door open

Customize Your Perfect Storm Door in Chicago

You have many customization options with your storm door. Along with hardware, we have many color and screen/glass options. You can design the perfect storm door for your Chicago home.

Best Uses for a Storm Door in Chicago

Every entry door should be protected by a storm door in Chicago. The weather is unpredictable so having an extra layer of defense is never a bad idea. They’re also good anywhere you want a screen door to let in fresh air.

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