How to Decorate Windows for Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—and also the busiest! When you find yourself in the spirit of the holidays, you may want to turn your home into a winter wonderland. Dig out your Christmas window decorations, put up your tree, and hang your mistletoe, but most importantly, get a little creative with your holiday cheer!

Christmas window decorations are a crucial part of decorating for the holidays, despite being overlooked when the tinsel is being thrown about and stockings are carefully hung on the fireplace. We might find our backs to them as we huddle around the tree to hang ornaments and place gifts beneath the illuminated branches.

Windows offer those outside a glimpse of our holiday delight; for a brief moment, passersby can peer inside and feel the warmth of our decorated homes in light of the cold winter chill.

You want to go the extra mile, but how? Some of these wondrous ways to decorate your windows are traditional. Others are handpicked from the throes of the Internet, where hundreds of crafty and unique ideas are born.

Christmas Window Decorations

Add Some Candles

Placing candles in your windows is a tradition that started centuries ago and eventually made its way to America. It’s a tradition that since our Colonial era, still remains a celebrated one. The historic meaning behind these candles vary, but today they are used to add warmth to your home and make it look more festive for the holiday season.

Burning a candle in each window can be a fire hazard, but you can still achieve the same look with electric or battery powered candles. This will give you peace of mind knowing your home won’t burn down from a stray flame.

Not only is this a simple, elegant way to dress up your windows for Christmas, but if you aren’t lucky enough to have outdoor outlets, electric candles will be enough to brighten up your home for the holidays.

Put Up Wreathes

Christmas wreaths are one of the most popular ways to jazz up your windows for the holidays. ‘Tis the season for fresh pine, but if you aren’t the crafty type, pre-made Christmas wreaths are fine. Artificial wreaths are just as good, if not better for longevity’s sake.

For homes where symmetry is the overall design, wreaths can make an ordinary home stand out. Box-shaped homes provide an excellent layout to wreathes in each window. With the addition of a bright red bow at its base, your wreaths will pop, even from street view.

Adorn with Ornaments

With modern marvels like Pinterest, there’s no excuse to not get a little creative this season, and those ornaments aren’t just meant for the Christmas tree. Spice up your windows by hanging ornaments from a curtain rod or temporary hooks. Use the classic ornaments—the colorful reflective balls that vary in size—that way people can see them from outside as they glitter in the bright winter sun.

When you style your window this way, it doesn’t have to be perfect! Have your kids hang the ornaments with different lengths of string, it will bring your windows to life from the inside and out.

Set the Scene

Feeling ambitious? Follow suite with the stores downtown, which decorates their windows with extravagant displays of winter scenes. If you have a picture window and happen to live on a busier street, you’ve got to give this one a try.

Line your windows with garland and use a card table to level your Christmas scene with the sill, covering it with a blanket of “snow”. Place a homemade snowman, a reindeer, or even a small Christmas tree on top. People will drive from all over town to gaze at your marvelous Christmas window decorations.

Let The Kids Call the Shots

Christmas is about family, and Santa Claus is about the wonderment and magic of childhood, so why not meld both together in a festive contest? Give your kids a pair of (safety) scissors, some colorful construction paper, and assign them to each window of your house. Everyone is a winner when you see the amazing artwork of snowflakes, paper chains, and cutout snowmen in your windows this holiday.

Stack Your Presents

Not everything fits under the Christmas tree, and if you feel like being generous and leaving room for your sleeping cat, try stacking your gifts in the window. Put your colorful and adorably patterned wrapping paper on display as well as those bows you and your family work so hard on making perfect.

Dazzling Window Lights

Lights also make great Christmas window decorations. Nothing beats classic white lights. You can really bring the holiday spirit into your home by hanging some in each window. These Christmas window decorations don’t require you to go outside in the bitter cold to stand on a metal ladder in an attempt to staple lights to your roof.

Stay inside this year and hang your Christmas lights on your window’s interior. Attach your lights on the inside of each window, dangling them down for an icicle effect. However, if you have curious cats in your home, you might want to opt for a different window decoration.

Christmas decorations

Grab Your Garland

Does your home have shutters? Is it difficult to decorate with lights? You are not alone. Not every home is suitable to deck out in Christmas lights, but you can certainly bring your shutters to life with a little garland. Line the outside of your window with thick, authentic-looking strands of garland. Decorate your garland so that it stands out.

Use ornaments that are brightly colored, glittery, and big! Add a few bright Christmas bows, or if you are able, string the garland with lights. By doing this in just a few windows of your home, you can bring the exterior of your house into the holiday season.

Scandinavian Stars

If anyone knows how to celebrate Christmas in a minimalist style, it’s Scandinavian countries. After all, places like Norway are living in a winter wonderland. Christmas stars with 5 points or more have become popular in these countries because they’re beautiful and simple. The trend has already started inspiring Americans to do the same.

By hanging them in your windows, you and your neighbors can delight in this traditional decoration. If you’re feeling inspired by America’s new favorite term, “hygge” (which if you are unfamiliar, is a Danish and Norwegian term for the feeling and mood of coziness, contentment, and wellness), hang a few of these stars in your window to really experience the word’s meaning.

Bring the holiday cheer to your home this year and you’ll perk everyone up inside and out. Make your Christmas window decorations the perfect display for all to enjoy. Now that you’re familiar with the endless possibilities, there’s no reason to enjoy these creative ideas. You can even be implementing them as a part of a fun, unforgettable holiday tradition.

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