8 Backyard Ideas That Will Enhance Your Home

Many homeowners like using their backyard as a place to entertain guests. Not only is there more room outside than trying to cram everyone into your home, but you’ll be able to enjoy the fresh air. With the right backyard ideas implemented, you could have the coolest backyard on the block.

backyard ideas

But what are the right backyard ideas? There are so many to choose from that it might seem like a pain just to choose a couple. Thankfully, we’ve got your back.

We’ve come up with our favorite 8 backyard ideas to enhance your home. They can be anything from building a pool to starting a home garden. Let’s get started.

1. Build a Pool

There are so many benefits to having a pool in your backyard. For starters, it’s great place to get together a group of people and hang out. It’s especially nice during Chicago’s hot summers – you’ll be able to cool off and relax.

Even when no one is over, you can use your pool. You’ll be able to swim laps for exercise or just float around on a raft and read a good book.

You really get a lot of use out of your pool if you have children. It’s the perfect way to get them out from behind a TV or phone screen and outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. They’ll absolutely love it.

2. Create an Amazing Patio

Having an amazing patio is also a wonderful benefit for your home. This will be where you and your guests will sit around and socialize. You’ll need comfortable furniture for your patio and enough to seat your guests.

We also recommend you get a bonfire pit. There are a couple of ways you can do this. If you have a patio already attached to your home, you can buy a small pit at any department or hardware store – they’re rather inexpensive.

However, if you plan on building a patio from scratch, you can have a pit built into your patio. This is not only extremely safe because the bonfire pit can’t be knocked over easily, but it’s stunningly beautiful as well.

Don’t Forget the Patio Door

No patio is complete without a gorgeous patio door. This is the first impression guests will have of your patio so you want to make sire it’s a good one. You have two options to choose from: a sliding patio door and a French patio door.

backyard patio door

Sliding patio doors are like giant sliding windows – they’re easy to open because they move left and right on a sliding track. We recommend you get one made of vinyl with double pane windows because they’re way more energy efficient. Sliding patio doors also blur the lines between the inside and outside thanks to their large panes of glass.

On the other hand, French patio doors are more like entry doors. They’re best when made of steel or fiberglass because they’re more durable and energy efficient that way. French patio doors give your patio an elegant entrance that enhances both the inside and outside of your home.

3. Be Prepared to Play Sports

If you have a large backyard, you can set up games and sports for people to play. Two of the most common games are cornhole and horseshoes. Both can be enjoyed by people of all ages since they’re extremely easy to pick up and play.

There should also be options if you have larger groups of people as well. Setting up a net allows you to play a wide variety of sports such as volleyball or badminton. This will get more people part of the action.

4. Have a Shed for Extra Storage

Where are you going to store your cornhole sets and volleyball nets when they’re not being used? Where better than a shed? Having a shed opens up many possibilities.

A shed can also open up space in your garage as well. You’ll be able to store your lawn mower, weed wacker and other equipment in your shed. This will allow you to use your garage in different ways as well.

One of the trending backyard ideas involving a shed is to create a she shed. She sheds are the equivalent to a basement man cave but for women. You can transform the shed into a little oasis of relaxation and fun to get away from the world.

5. Koi Ponds Are Beautiful

Nothing looks more beautiful in a backyard than a koi pond. They’re little ponds in your backyard that can store decoration or house little fish.

If you get really creative you can even have a running river and waterfall with your koi pond. This will give your backyard a more natural look and sound. Yes, a running river will create a relaxing sound that you can’t typically get in a suburban home.

6. Keep Your Lawn Looking Great

None of these backyard ideas matter if your lawn is in bad shape. Patches of dead grass, weeds and an unmowed lawn will completely take away from your hard work. Even the beauty and style of a koi pond is no match for some ugly crab grass.

Make sure you mow your lawn every week and water it every other day. This will keep your lawn green and looking fresh.

For an extra bit of style, you can stripe your lawn to look similar to the outfield of a baseball stadium. You can find lawn strippers at many hardware stores and some even attach to your lawn mower.

7. Have Your Very Own Garden

One of the more practical backyard ideas is to start your own garden. All you’d need to do is fence off a section of your backyard and grow whatever you’d like. Nothing is off limits, whether it be bushes, flowers or vegetables.

a garden in the backyard

Grow Fresh Vegetables

Speaking of vegetables, you can grow your own vegetable garden. Not only will it add color and visual appeal to your backyard, but what you’re growing is edible.

Home grown vegetables are better for you than what you get at the supermarket. This is because they don’t have any chemicals in them. Plus, you’ll always have vegetables ready for any of your dishes.

8. Create the Outdoor Kitchen of Your Dreams

One of the best backyard ideas is to create an entire outdoor kitchen. This goes far beyond having a grill and a patio set. You can legitimately create a kitchen that would look good inside your home.

The centerpiece is the grill, so make sure that it’s large enough to fit an entire meal inside of it. Along the sides, you should have counter space that’s perfect for cutting meats and vegetables. If you route a water and electric line to your backyard, it’s also possible to have a dish washer, sink and cabinets in your backyard kitchen.

Everyone loves pizza, so why not have a pizza oven in your backyard kitchen? Outdoor pizza ovens are an awesome addition to your kitchen because they allow you to make a Neapolitan style pizza in just minutes.

These Backyard Ideas Will Surely Enhance Your Home

There are tons of backyard ideas you can try but we feel these are the best. They’ll give you one of the coolest hangout spots for any group of friends. Whether you just want to sit and chill or get up and play some sports, there’s something here for you.

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