5 Reasons to Buy an Insulated Garage Door in Chicago

If you live in Chicago, you know that Chicagoans spend some considerable time in the garage. Whether we’re changing the oil in our cars, hanging out with friends and family or just using it as a living space like the rest of our homes.

There’s one key feature about your garage that could make it a lot more comfortable in the warmer and colder months: an insulated garage door.

insulated garage door in Chicago

So what is an insulated garage door anyway? Well, it’s a garage door that’s insulated with some type of material that will increase the R-value of one of your garage walls. Believe us, it will make a big impact on the conditions inside your garage.

Besides making your garage more comfortable to be in year-round, there are also other reasons why you should get an insulated garage door in Chicago. We put together a list of those reasons below.

1. It Pays to Get an Insulated Garage Door

According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report, replacing your old pan door (single layer steel) with an insulated garage door can give you over 70% return on your investment when you go to sell your home. That’s very good compared to some other home improvement projects.

If your current garage door is getting ugly, consider a garage door with built-in insulation as a replacement. It’ll look great and also pay off later on when you’re selling the home.

2. Insulated Garage Doors are More Impact Resistant and Durable Than Non-Insulated Doors

Think about it. Your current pan door, or single panel garage door can be easily dented and dinged with a basketball or a baseball thrown by neighborhood kids or your own children.

Most insulated garage doors have 2 or more panels of steel that are filled with a foam core, making them much harder to dent or damage.

If you’re looking for a strong, durable replacement garage door, think insulated.

3. Quiet Down Your Garage with an Insulated Garage Door

Most people don’t realize this, but an insulated garage door along with a good garage door opener can really quiet down your garage. For most people, the experience of listening to a 15-20 second span of a noisy garage door is annoying, especially when your loved ones are opening the garage door while you’re trying to sleep!

An insulated garage door can greatly reduce the noise coming from your garage since most insulated doors are much more solid than their single steel layer counterparts. There’s less squeaking and less noise as the sections of your insulated garage door are moving across the rails in your garage.

If you want a quieter garage, do yourself a favor and go with a solid core construction insulated garage door.

4. Insulated Garage Doors Help Protect Your Car (and even improve its lifespan)

Yes, it’s true! So you’re thinking,”how can a new garage door help improve the life of my car?”

Here’s how:

Cold weather, better yet, cold Chicago weather, can absolutely diminish the life of your car in several ways:

  • Lower the air pressure in your car’s tires
  • Gum up your car’s transmission and brake fluids – not to mention your car’s oil as well
  • Make it harder for your car to start in the winter (ever have a car not start on a cold morning?)
  • Shorten your car’s battery life

That’s just your car. Think about all the other stuff you might have laying around in your garage: lawnmower, weed wacker, a boat, a motorcycle and anything else with an engine is hurting because your garage is getting too cold in these brutal Chicago winters.

5. Lower Your Heating and Cooling Bills

If you have an attached garage, it can be affecting the temperature in the rest of your home.

What does that mean?

Well, since your garage is attached to your home, it influences how well your home keeps its temperature both in hot and cold weather.

For most, the wall between your home and your garage is insulated but that only does so much to stop the hot or cold air from coming in.

When it’s summertime in Chicago, we all know our garages can get awfully hot (100+ degrees) and it would be foolish to think that some of that hot air isn’t seeping into your living space, increasing the temperature in your home.

What happens when there’s hot air coming in when the A/C is running? Your air conditioning unit needs to work harder to keep your home at a steady temperature. That means that you’re going to be paying more for your energy bills.

The same goes for the wintertime. The cold air comes in from your garage, making your furnace work overtime.

The best insulated garage doors will be able to keep the temperature in your garage cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. That translates directly into your monthly heating and cooling bills.

Swap Out That Old Garage Door Now

So hopefully you’ve learned that a garage door in Chicago is much more than just a garage door – that is, it’s either a barrier or an inviting entryway for hot and cold air to enter your home.

When you replace your garage door with a high-quality insulated garage door from Feldco, you’ll be saving yourself money in the long run by saving on your energy bills.

That means less money to the gas and electric companies and more money in your pocket. Plus, you’ll have a comfortable living space in your garage that you will enjoy year-round.

If you’re sick and tired of your old garage door, give us a call at 866-4FELDCO or get a free quote on a new garage door right now.

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